Revelation 13


Prophecy, August 5, 2023″

MB: After visiting a taxation office and seeing all those in the office wearing short sleeve shirts with a big QR code pasted on the back. 

“You’ve been warned. You know it is coming because you saw the logo on those men’s uniforms. They are not hiding their plan. The trap is so well set that they no longer need to hide it. Everyone is caught; everyone must take the number. There is no other choice, so why hide it? Display it and make it as common as buying a loaf of bread for breakfast. Soon it will be the key to the door, and everyone will need one if they wish to access the system. And of course they will have to access the system; everyone knows you can’t live in this world without the system. The taxation system first, the medical system next and then the others will follow; one, two, three –in short order. So what are you going to do? Will you get around this system? The answer is no. Will you be forced to take the mark? Yes, for as scripture says, “All will take the number of the beast.” Question: If we are going to take the number, then what was the purpose of all our preaching for all those years? What was the purpose of David being awoken from his tomb within the system? Why does it seem like a total waste of time? We may as well have stayed within the system and just remained ignorant. In fact, why is the warning even in the Bible if we are all going to take the number?

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were forced to bow down to the idol, but they refused to bow, Daniel was forced to stop worshiping the One true God, but he refused to stop. Your brothers and sisters in the days of Rome were forced to worship Caesar as God. They refused. And of course there were more, many more, just like these famous characters. They all refused to be forced. They were all being pushed toward something they believed was against My will. That is when the fun began; that is when the miracles happened. That is when the testimonies that you read about today were written. This is your calling too, so be not dismayed when the time comes to make your stand. This will be the time for your greatest witness. Will you stand with those that refused to be pushed and bullied by the Devil and his system? You don’t have to know what Jesus is going to do, short of knowing that He is going to bring you through without so much as the smell of smoke on you. When the time comes to make your stand, you will be ready. Pray for this time; send out your proactive prayers in preparation for these days that are now so very close. You know in your hearts that this is the line, the limit, the cut-off. Your mind of course cannot begin to comprehend how it is all going to pan out. But one thing you must know and that is you must not fear the future. To stand strong with those heroes of faith that stood before you, you must not fear what man can do to you; only fear God. You know the truth and are therefore accountable. Now it is time to pray. Prepare the way ahead with prayer, proactive prayer. Intercessory prayer must be sent ahead of your brothers and sisters, for they too will be faced with this choice. I will speak to them in prayer, and I will tell them what I require of them. Just as I am speaking to you now, so will I speak to them. Cast your cares upon Me, and learn of Me by coming deeper into My spirit. Learn to live in the realm of the spirit; put on My mind. Call on the Keys to rise above, and believe that all things are possible for Me. I am the One who is going to do the miracles. All you have to do is trust and obey. If you have been listening to My still, small voice, you will know what to do when the time comes.

It is impossible for the carnal mind to comprehend the change that has happened in the world. The carnal mind and the flesh are pretty down-to-earth characters. I created them that way, so it isn’t their fault. But I also created the spirit of man. The carnal side of man is attached to the earth and the spiritual side of man is linked to God. The spiritual side was designed to be the driving side. It’s like the engine, but it can only achieve its purpose if it is soaked in oil. It needs the fuel of My Word. In these last days of man’s rule on earth, the enemy has managed to switch the roles of flesh and spirit. Today flesh rules the waves. It is in control and heading into the future, or so it thinks. The reality is a lot different. The flesh has been on slow boil for quite some time now, and will soon be well cooked. Satan is wily, he hasn’t rushed things. He knows that time is his friend and he has used it to his advantage. Over time he and his helpers have eased flesh into the driver’s seat. The spirit is in the back, asleep on Lethargy’s lap whilst Satan is in the co-pilot’s seat. The co-pilot is the one in control; he  has the maps and is giving directions and pointing out all the road signs and short-cuts to the driver. That’s the way things look from this side of the two realms. Man, of course, doesn’t see what I’m seeing. For man the road ahead looks pretty straightforward. He’s in control; the machine is his, or so he thinks. He’s making his own decisions, and as far as he can see, he’s in his rig with his friends and everyone’s enjoying the ride.

Silly Satan, time is two-faced. Yes, time can take its good ol’time, but it also runs out. In fact, it always runs out. Every dog has his day, and yours has come. Silly man, the same applies to you. The rent is due and the utility bills are overdue. You’ve overspent and now you are in credit; no…more like deep debt slavery. That rig needs repairs and you can’t pay the bill, so it is going to be repossessed. You’ve really mistreated it, and it’s is almost irreparable. It looks like junk. What a shock you’re gonna get when it goes “clunk.” Don’t think you’re going to get a new one. –No sir, not for a long long time. I know what I’m talking about because I’m the one that gave it to you on lease… Remember? …You don’t? Well, too bad, you’ve been asleep far too long. You haven’t paid in full, so it isn’t yours to do with as you please. Those friends of yours are about to be evicted, and I’m ready to take the driver’s seat, and believe Me, I’m not going to ease Myself into the seat, so you’d better move over quick and let Me take the wheel, or I might just sit on you. We are going to drive it to the shop and do some repairs. And look at you, what a mess. You’re all switched about, that will never do. You and your rig are in for repairs, and by the look of you both, it is going to take a real long time.”

“You have to forsake all. You have to be willing to be what the Lord wants you to be. If it means a life of isolation and trying circumstances, giving up all that you thought you would be, or all that you hoped for, wouldn’t it be worth it for Him?”


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