“The Bride of the King is a joint heir. She shares His bed and His deepest intimacies…if she so desires, she is privy to any secret He holds within the vastness of His spirit. For example, this was clearly brought to light during the conversations David and Maria had with Abrahim. Maria was often scolded for not asking the right questions. She was frequently told that if she so desired she could know the deepest secrets of the universe, yet she would ask such simple, almost silly questions. If you understand what I am saying, then stretch your faith and the secrets of God will be open to you.

His desire is always toward His lover therefore anything she desires is hers upon request. Her position as His wife not only affords limitless knowledge but immeasurable power; that is why a Bride must learn the ways of humility and submission. That is why her every thought must be toward Him and His will; she must take on His mind. The Brides that David has presented to the King are chosen from the Royal House of David and have been given very many gifts to prepare them for their future as His Queens.

Much like Esther went through one full year of preparation before being presented to the king, so must the future brides of King Jesus pass through their time of preparation before entering His courts as His queens. The numerous weapons given to the Children of David over the years were these gifts of preparation, and along with the different gifts came spiritual tutors. These angels were created in conjunction with the gift…for example Tola and Tor were revealed at the time the Keys were presented to the Children of David. Apart from being commanders of the keys, they were also assigned to teach the Children of David as much as possible about the keys in preparation for their future position as Brides. If you can accept these different spirit beings as your tutors, chosen because of their intimate relationship to the gift they came with and also their intimate relationship with the King Himself, then it will most certainly help your relationship with them become more intimate.

I see your mind struggling with this concept because in accepting what is being said, you are greatly humbled almost to the point of rejection. This is a mistake that many prospective brides make. But if you stop and think about what you have been given over the years; the revelations, the new weapons and deep secrets of the spiritual realm that have been shared with you through the Words of David and Maria, then you would have to accept that you have been given far more than anyone who has ever walked this earth. Upon accepting these truths, then is it difficult to accept the fact that you are being groomed for some great event, just as Esther was groomed for her great event?

Therefore, the more you accept these truths, the more willing you should be to work hard at preparing yourself for that great day. We, those spiritual entities that have been introduced to the Children of David over the years, were chosen as tutors for you who would potentially rule and reign with Him on the Earth for the Millennium. So many have been called, yet so few have chosen to pass through the joint-heir training regime; due to many reasons, some personal, some Devil sent, but all those choices and decisions were part of the testing and preparation of His bride and wife to be.

Learn well, study hard because your future and destiny are in your hands. We are beside you at all times, listening to your requests. We are loyal and dedicated to this cause. We are experts in our field and have been instructed by the King to attend to your every spiritual need. Call on us; we want with all our hearts to be part of your destiny. We have all of Heaven’s resources at our beck and call, therefore all you have to do is ask and your schooling needs will be catered to. (End of prophecy)


Revelation 19:7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife has made herself ready.


The wife of the Lamb has a responsibility – to make herself ready! At first glance this seems to imply much strenuous activity – and so it is for an earthly bride. But the Bride of Christ is not fleshly nor made ready by earthly means nor the good ideas of man. She is a spirit company, governed and led by the wind of the Spirit. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Rushing around in the spirit of Martha trying to do as much as one can for the Kingdom before the Bridegroom comes is not the recommended way to make yourself ready! Rather, like Mary, choose the good portion of sitting at His feet and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your preparations. (Daily Beauty Treatments for the Bride a one year Devotional by Christine Beadsworth)

“(Jesus:) It’s all for a purpose, dearest. I need kings and rulers, priests and teachers, but first I must try them to see of what manner of substance they are made. We can’t have weak, greedy or unstable people in positions of authority in the Millennium, can we? No. So now I have to squeeze and test and purge everything of the World that is in you. I need to remove all your desires, wants, temptations, and weaknesses.


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