blog bites

 (Spirit helper speaking: ) Away from the mob, away from the crowd. Being separate isn’t always easy; it never is, in fact. Why? The sense of loneliness is crushing, and the harsh blows of words that are thrown at you, simply because people don’t understand where you are at and why you do what you do, are bracing and tumble you over time and again. But up you stand to once again reach the summit, the new summit of the new height you are to attain. And once again do it alone.

You are in the palm of Christ’s hand, and that can never be said as truly alone. For His hand is big and holds a whole lot of others. Here all the outcasts of this world meet and listen to the Savior; here the crushing blows of satan are healed, and you are made stronger, and are a more valiant warrior because of it. Fly up and sit in Christ’s hand and enjoy treats fed to you by His Heavenly hosts. Things won’t go on longer than you will be given strength to bear. Rest and be healed.