One of the mysteries of God’s will and plan is that He has bestowed upon each of us the immortal majesty of personal choice to do either good or evil! This is one thing people don’t seem to understand about God: He likes to give us our choice, even as we do our own children, as long as it is not something bad for us, or bad for others.


The choice is yours

Contrary to popular opinion, God does not choose for us!-We have to choose for ourselves. This is why He put us here and what we’re here to learn: how to make the right decisions through our personal contact with Him, our knowledge of His Word and will, and our love for Him and others.


discover the truth by choice

Man was put here to make a choice between good and evil, to do right or wrong, to serve God or himself and the Devil. God wants us to discover the benefits of serving Him, and reap the joy, happiness and pleasures of keeping His loving rules for our own good, worshiping and thanking Him for it all in return, as grateful children of our Heavenly Father.


make the bed

Thus we can choose to have faith in Him, trust Him and His Word, and obey it for our own good; or, we can believe the lies of the Devil and rebel against God, disobey Him, refuse to believe His Word, and go our own way. God then frequently lets us suffer the consequences of violating His moral, physical and spiritual laws, rebellion against which, and disobedience to which, bring ill health, misery, pain, suffering, man’s inhumanity to man, cruelty, atrocities, wars, economic ills, unhappiness, mental anguish and even insanity!



Majesty of Choice

Which are you choosing? God bless and help you to make the right choices according to His love, so you can enjoy the good health, happiness and well-being of mind and spirit that comes from following Him and His loving guidelines for us all.

All quotes by David Berg on Majesty of Choice

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  1. I’d love to hear your story, why you still fight. . . very few like you out there these days willing to put your name out there like this with the Family!

    1. Hi, It’s not a matter of being part of The Family…it’s the Word that we are following…The Word The Word The Word…the secret to fighting on is the Word: The Bible>>>>Words of David>>>>and Maria>>>>>>
      Hebrews 12:1 🙂 The Word Works!!!The Keys Work…All the Spiritual Weapons given through the prophets WORK!!!!

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