a sensory receiver for your love

Jesus speaking: My sensors for receiving love and loving feelings are in the most unexpected places. I might have one in that person that you are called to love or be kind to. And then the moment you show them love in the way they need it, bing, I suddenly feel it real good.

You think you can’t touch and feel Me and show Me love, but you can. You can do this by touching and stimulating the sensory receptacles that a certain person or situation has. It’s not just through touch, either, but words can do it, or other actions that show love.

I’ll give you a hint; often I put the highest level of sensory feelings in that person who is most hard to love or to give loving to. That is so that when you do at last yield to share My love with that person, I feel it oh so much more—that’s because it took more effort and humility and selflessness to do it.

So, how will you touch Me today? Look around and see what and who is around you. Hiding in their soul or body I have placed a sensory receiver for your love to touch Me in a special way. I love your love and need to feel needed and loved by you.



the Lamp

The keys of divination give you power to see into the future and to read the mind of God.”