Read Matthew 7:16-26

“But he that searches his own heart and lets Me in to change anything that needs to be changed and take away all the vanities of this old world and its dying doctrines, will be renovated to be able to come into a new level in the spirit, a level of understanding that he or she did not know until then. 

How can you help others or even expect them to let you help them if you don’t let Me change you. Is that fair? 

No, it’s not fair. And when your sheep or any one that knows you begins to see that you don’t apply the very things that you preach unto them, they will give up on you, and what follows is that they will lose faith in Me. 

But why should they lose faith in Me when I am not the one that has failed them but you. You have failed in not hearing My voice whenever I call. They will follow your rebellion instead of your obedience. 

So, please follow Me, give Me a chance to fix your life. Give Me a chance to remake you, to make you into a greater blessing for others, a true servant of others, a true vessel of My light and lifeblood that come from the throne of God. 

I will make thee into a shining star. I will make a beautiful thing among the heavens. I will finish the good work that I have started in thee. You are My precious ones, though little specks of dust. I have given My brides a unique thing among the heaven of heavens. 

Bring forth your old vessels that I may crush them and remake that dust into a strong metal that is flexible and a true conductor of energy that will light the worlds for eternity. 


“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”



An Elegy

“Through the power of the Keys, dominion over every evil spirit of Hell is granted to the children of David. Focus on the keys now, and in the power of those mighty keys turned to swords cut loose the grip of Apotheon and command that he be doomed, and by reason of his own weight, he will fall far from you.”





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