A Word from Merlin



(Jesus speaking 🙂 The things of the spirit are so vast and hard to comprehend. You reach into My Heavenly realm and grasp what seems so great and marvelous, and it is. Yet often there’s so much more to it, and you see only a portion of My power through the revelation.


Personal prophecy:

(Merlin:) Oh, you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what the keys have to offer! Don’t let that discourage you. Look at it as a thrill, a great adventure awaiting you! You’ve already started out on this adventure, this quest to learn more about Jesus and His ways and His wonderful, exiting, thrilling, amazing World of the Spirit! Just wait until you get over to this side of things; there are so many secrets to discover, so many worlds to uncover and learn about. The keys will not stop with the ending of man’s era. They will go on and on and on into the vast and limitless Realm of the Spirit, which is just beyond this one. They will be your ever-present companions and guides when you enter this world. The Spirit World is full of doors: new places and things to see and learn, and the Keys will be there to open unto you, the privileged wielders, every new thing the Lord brings along your path! You have limitless access to the Kingdom, that means to all of Creation, to every dimension and space ever created by God! The Keys will continue for a very very very long time to come!




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