River of life…a prophecy

My creation is somewhat like the human body. 

The earth is a body, but it is the physical manifestation of a spiritual principal, a very minute sample of how the River of Life works. Absolutely everything has a spiritual counterpart. Yes, that is correct, even the rocks would cry out if there was a need. You see such things as inanimate objects; well, they are not. The Earth is alive, literally, because the River passes through everything. The planets, the stars, the atmosphere, the sound, the quiet, the wind, you name it, the spirit of God is in it, moving and changing constantly -for all things change.

Man is really at the bottom of the pole when it comes to learning; he is very ignorant and remains so until He picks up the Bible or learns to listen, believe and obey the spirit or voice of God. The greatest, yet hardest and indeed the first lesson man must learn if he is to be given back this planet to have dominion over once again, is love, Love for God and love for the fellows sharing the planet with him. I tell you the Heavenly city was made mobile for a reason. One day, in the distant future, it will not always sit on the earth’s surface. This experiment called Earth will one day come out of the laboratory, so to speak, and all the different animals and all the different people will disperse throughout the universe as My creation continues to grow and grow and grow.

There really is no end to Me. There are already millions upon millions of humans, not to mention other spiritual beings, and then there are the millions and millions of angels. Do you think the earth could support all of these beings? The universe cannot contain Me; I have to grow, and you and all of My creation will grow with Me. But the base plate, the very ground floor is Love, all of this I’ve been explaining to you can only happen if Love is first place in everyone’s thoughts, words and deeds. You My loves, My adoring brides, My first and foremost, have no real concept of what is awaiting you on the other side of this life. The decisions you have made in this life, in the flesh, have such eternal value.

The mind cannot even begin to imagine a speck of what I am planning for each one of you that have put Me first in their life on earth. You are so concerned about the daily grind and earth problems you face, but when you stop and go into the river of your soul and swim with Me in the pools of prophecy, it is then that you begin to see another reality, a new reality.

This man-made facade that surrounds you is made in such a way that can only contain the flesh; even then it does a poor job, because the flesh is rarely satisfied, rarely happy with itself and its surroundings. But the world of man can never contain, much less bring a gram of fulfillment to the spirit. The more you pass through the door of your heart and down the stairs of your soul and into the pools and warm flow of the river of life, the more heavenly minded you will become. The closer in spirit we become, the more instantly you will be assimilated into the Heavenly life when your flesh finally gives up the ghost and you are free once again to resume your life in the City of Love. But what a life you will have then, My love doves, a new life, having accomplished all that you said you wanted to accomplish, but most important of all, having learned the lesson of faith. Faith to believe in Me without evidence and to forsake the earth life to gain something better is a great treasure, a priceless pearl that cannot be valued in earth currency, for there is nothing on earth that comes anywhere near the value of this pearl of great price. To sit in My courts, not as an invited guest, but as My bride and wife and lover, is something only the earth life can give you full appreciation for.

You cannot imagine, you can only anticipate the wonders and glories that await you in our City of Love. Even when you have finally passed through the gates, your eyes will not at first accept what they see; your mind will only be able to take in small amounts of the wonders and richness of even just the city’s ground floor. The vastness will daze you, the flora and fauna will simply mystify you. If it weren’t for those sent to escort you to your destination within the city, you would more than likely wander the floor for days yet only have gone a short distance.

My creation


“Man is really at the bottom of the pole when it comes to learning; he is very ignorant and remains so until He picks up the Bible or learns to listen, believe and obey the spirit or voice of God. “




Wherefore, brethren, “set your affections on things above not on things on the earth, for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”



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