blog bites

(Jesus speaking: ) You are just going to have to keep up. I’m going to be zig-zagging here -then there, sneaking up here, then running out in the open firing range over there. Just keep up, and don’t worry about trying to predict My next move because that’s beyond you, believe Me. And don’t filter things through your mind, but through your heart. In the garden of your heart  we commune and you get My mind on it. But if there isn’t time for that, just do it. Explaining can come later on if there still is a need, and it hasn’t unfolded clearly.

Nothing is going to go as “normal” from now on. “Perfect-image Christians” are a thing of the past, or they will be if they keep sucking on the pacifier of a church clan and groupitess. A whole new “look” is needed, a unique one. You may not even be able to spot a true, faith-believing Christian in the world, as the real ones I need to have hidden in a million ways.

When it’s time for them to come out and be exposed for My glory, I will  do it with flare. There is no “standard/ typical” believer that I wish all to model themselves after. Just be the vessel I need you to be, right where you are, and doing what I most need you to do.

In the end we can all take off our masks that were used to mock and trick the enemy and have a good laugh. The play is over, and the real cast can be who they really are in the freedom of Heaven.

We are going to have such an awesome time—together and privately, as a team and just you and I alone, when all this is over. Never forget that.


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