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(Jesus speaking: ) I am going to raise up My army, and there is little you can do to stop it. Not even all the times you have missed doing what you were depended on to do will stop My plan. I can still do things to make it work out in My favor.

The big battle is coming. 

You can’t single-handedly win everyone’s battles for them . Sure it’s hard to not have them fully pulling in the right direction. I’ve got the same problems with all My children all over the globe. Some hurt each other; some help each other; some are just in their own world. Some are too hurt to reach in My direction.

Let none of these things move you. You are getting too jolted. Yes, you don’t want to be complacent, but putting things into My hands and trusting Me for the best outcome, in all your different battles, is the best you can do.

Now, get on with sheep feeding.



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