The Keys of Promise

Prayer/Praise) Oh Jesus, what an honor You have bestowed on us, the Children of David! To have the Keys! To hold the Keys in our hands! There are so many doors that our Father David has already opened for us, so we can reach the place where we grasp these Keys for dear life. We must reverence them and the privilege we have of wielding them –to be called Key Bearers, to have and to hold and to be shown the deep things of the spirit world here in the flesh!  Oh, the heights they have taken us and the amazing secrets they have revealed, yet still they open our eyes to more. You have shown us so much, and we hunger and thirst for more. Thank You precious Jesus for reaching out to us, Keys in hand, to pull us up to Your world so we can experience ‘there’ here! You are changing us, turning us blue with the beauty of Your love and power and energy. What a foretaste!

To pass the tests and trials before you, use the keys

The Secret Is in the Keys

He’s going to make you all into His kings and priests and rulers and queens! Then what you have learned about the LOL will become the law of the land and everyone will have to learn it. It may not seem too important now, but really, we were never fighting for the Now! Jesus said in His Word that He was making the COD into a whole new Culture. What culture is that? The Culture of the Millennium! We don’t care about this old, filthy Earth—we’re just passing through, further up and further in, onto a New World! All that we’re doing, all that we’re fighting for, is for that Place, and for that Person—JESUS!

(Jesus:) Life on Earth includes hardship; that’s just the way it is. Hardship isn’t a sign of a lack of My blessings. It’s not a sign that you’re doing the wrong thing. Life on Earth is just plain difficult at times, and some of the hardships are lifelong.

Life on Earth, whether you’re in the Family or not, is a training and testing ground, one which teaches you to make the right decisions despite the hardships. It teaches you to see things positively even when you feel like things are hopeless, to choose to love and share and sacrifice even when you don’t have enough, to choose to do the right thing even when everything around you is wrong.

Life on Earth is difficult. It’s a spiritual warfare, and it’s also a test for you and training for you. Just because you’re My children doesn’t mean you can escape the difficulties.

Whether you’re in the Family or not, you have a course to run and things to learn on Earth that you won’t learn any other way. And a big part of those lessons and growth and experience come through hardships and things that don’t turn out the way you’d like–things that go wrong, that you have to then decide what to do about and things that stretch you to the limit to see if you’ll still make the right choices. I can’t take you completely out of these tests and trials of life because they’re a big part of why you’re here. But I have given you answers, solutions, insight, understanding, and spiritual weapons that give you an advantage in the battle –if you choose to use them. One day soon I will gather you and all My faithful children home, and then you’ll be so glad. Your battle wounds really will glow. The trials and difficulties you endured will have grown your faith, and the more faith you have, the richer you are in the spiritual realm. So use those trials you face to work for you! Don’t let them get you down. Know that great is your reward in Heaven.




May 2022


Coming King of Egypt



May 2022


Israel Invaded



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