Jesus Speaking:

You are swimming and passing through shark-filled water. It’s not, or no longer, a joy ride, this thing called life. You have to move very stealthily, very warily and watch out for what is lurking in the sea.

You never know when you’ll hit one of those deadly creatures. It’s likened to walking through an area with landmines. Caution isn’t the only thing you need. You need something supernatural to guide you. Any minute you might hit something that suddenly explodes when you were least expecting it.

Careful now. But don’t be too dismayed when you do hit a pocket of resistance, for the water is filled with troublemakers.

It’s the confusion that you fear –the plunging into a tailspin of a flurry of thoughts and ideas and most of all bad moods, feelings and unsorted thoughts.

I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee “Fear not, I will help thee”.

“One burst of key power is mightier than all the villains of hell.”


Prophets of the end

When the Enemy or enemies come in like a flood, you can lift up a standard against them through the keys and cause their attacks to come to naught.





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November 2021


stealing the leaves of life eternal



The enemy of our souls is trying to steal back eternal life through science falsely-so-called.



November 2021


the world and the christian


How will worldly Christians stand in the days to come? Where are the shepherds of the lost sheep?



November 2021


Daily sacrifice


A class about the 3rd temple being built by Jesus 2,000 years ago, not by the Jews in the modern era.



November 2021


The side show


MB live…A dream about a Russian show troupe and the power of the Keys