When you come before Me in spirit through your prayers, you should keep our intimate relationship in mind. You shouldn’t just come before Me as your God, but you should keep in mind that you are My wife and I am your doting Husband. Praising Me as intimately as is appropriate beforehand is a good way to do this. Use words that evoke our close relationship. Call Me your Darling, your Lover, your Husband, or whatever you call Me in our intimate times together. Using these terms in your praises and in your prayers pleases Me, and it also reminds you of your right as My wife to demand the world as your inheritance-and it will be given. I want you to come before Me as Esther did before her king, humble and meek in spirit, yet bold in requesting what you need. Show yourself vulnerable and weak and desperately in need of My assistance. Plead with Me as a wife would plead with her husband. Yet at the same time expect from Me the action that a loyal wife would expect from a loyal husband. Keeping our relationship in mind when you pray‚ and coming before Me as a wife would before her husband, is a way that you can deepen, expand, and strengthen your use of the weapon of prayer. When you use praises and affectionate terms with Me, it reminds you of our relationship. When you challenge Me as your Husband to come through on your behalf in prayer, this stirs Me to the most effective kind of action. When you show yourself weak, yet praise Me for the power I’ve given you through the keys, this puts you in the best possible position of humility in spirit to receive My answers. Prophecies for the Children of David #14


“In these dark days when the Enemy is marshaling his forces and his power on Earth is becoming stronger, how much more important prayer is and will be in the days to come–for it is the weapon of the spirit world. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; you fight not physical enemies, but spiritual ones.”

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