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Jesus speaking: If you despair, then you will be of no earthly good. A despairing soul is a faithless soul. You may think you have good reason to, and your physical circumstances may reinforce your mood, but in the end, you will see that it was the enemy of your soul that put you where you are. His goal is to defeat and derail your prayers.

Prayer is a ministry and to do it properly, you must put your own needs aside. When you pray for others, I take care of your needs. Yes, praying for others is the best way to have all your needs met. When you are thinking of yourself, you tend to ask for things that are not necessary to fulfilling your commission. I know what you need before you ask. I am committed to you as your Husband. The more time you spend in prayer for others, the more I’m inclined to supply what you need to do the job.

Prayer is an adventure into the life of the person you are praying for. It starts with you asking Jesus to put you in their shoes, to walk their walk for a mile or two. Prayer isn’t about getting through a long list of prayer requests. It is about entering the spirit world as a spirit helper to see where the need is. It starts with your thinking about the person and then entering their space, their life –just like a spirit helper would if sent on an assignment. Don’t worry about that list you have in front of you. I know all those needs have to be taken care of, and they will be. I am everywhere, and I have the ability to take care of everything all at once. You are a spirit learning, and you are also a spirit guide. You are like someone helping another person across a busy highway. Sometimes you rush into prayer like you just want to get that item checked off of your list. Would you take that elderly person you are trying to help and hurriedly ferry them along, dodging the cars because you didn’t wait for the traffic lights to favor your crossing? No, you would take your time to help with love and patience, at the same time being very aware of the person you are helping as well as the situation and surroundings.

Now I want you to take some time with Sonale. This one will instruct you in the art of prayer warfare. As Natalia instructs and leads you in praise, and as Ellya instructs you in calling on the keys, I give you Sonale. She is a master in prayer warfare.

Sonale speaking: Prayer is an adventure. Picture yourself taking a spirit trip with your personal prayer angel, or with me your prayer tutor. We’ve looked over the list of prayer requests, and I’ve put in your mind who we are going to pray for today. Or maybe you’ve made a request of who or what you’d like to pray for. Whatever the case, we’ve agreed together and off we go. Spirit travel is naturally very fast; so almost instantly we enter the room or house or situation your prayer candidate is in. Now take your time, but remember you are there to focus on the person your praying for, not for sightseeing.  You may already have some information on the person you are praying for, maybe you have prayed for them before and already know what you are going ask Jesus to help them with. Or perhaps this is the very first visit. This trip we are on is like a missionary faith trip: you don’t know what to expect, but there is a big difference between this trip and the witnessing trips you’ve been on in the flesh. During this trip you are not going to be able to actually speak to the person except through projection –sending them your thoughts. Most of the time you will be observing and listening to what Jesus is trying to show you about the situation. You analyze and then give your suggestions or what you’d like to see happen in this person’s life. You could even liken this trip to being a temporary member of San-Badh-Mahl’s team. You are assigned to this person you are trying to help through your prayers. The possibilities are as endless as the spirit world is vast. I assure you that very soon you will be looking forward to your times of personal prayer. You are surrounded by helpers just itching to go with you on a witnessing prayer adventure. So all you have to do is request for who you’d like for your partner; make a plan together and then dive into that great River of Life. Prayer is not daydreaming; it is mind projection. You are consciously pushing your mind to achieve something positive. You are on a mission. You are not just lazily floating around the spirit world like a balloon being blown by every wisp or breeze. You have a purpose for being in the spirit world. You are focused and actually achieving something worthwhile and eternal. Pretty soon, I assure you, you’ll be sold out on prayer and before long you won’t want to come back to the material realm.  

Now, before I close, I’ve picked a real life story that I want you to listen to. You’re most likely familiar with this testimony, but it is a perfect ending to this chat. Thanks for listening, I am always only a request away. I have lots and lots of ideas and suggestions on how to make your prayers the highlight of your day. I love you and am really excited about this very special time in history. I can’t wait for us to link up.



“Well, are you ready?”

“Zaapha! Uh … ready for what?”

“To go on a mission!”


“Why, to Earth!”

“But I don’t understand,” I said. “Am I awake or am I asleep? Am I really talking to you or is this a dream?” At this moment I was quite disoriented. I had been restfully gazing at the beautiful crystal art piece that Zaapha had made for me, and I had fallen into what seemed like a sleep. Now suddenly I was having a very vivid dream where Zaapha was right there talking to me. Well, not really there in my room, but somewhere together with me, and it was more than a dream. Zaapha was just too real to be a dream. Was she somehow inside me? I seemed to be in some kind of dreamlike space where we were just spirits sort of floating there.

I felt a little embarrassed that Zaapha could so easily enter right into my innermost being. Then I almost laughed! How isolated we are, and what private lives we live back on Earth compared to here. On Earth we can see, and talk to, and touch our friends, but we never really go right inside their minds! But here, when someone pops in for a visit, they might literally pop in!–Right inside your head, right into your thoughts, where I’m sure they can easily have a look around. I could not imagine anyone here keeping any kind of secret for very long, and you sure would want to keep your thinking tidy.At first it seemed that I was in my bedroom in Jamal’s house, but then we seemed to be moving up and into some other kind of place–just where, I’m not sure. It was in no particular location at all, just somewhere up higher in the spirit, up above the realm of things and distractions. It was a place that only spirits can enter, where they meet and mingle, communicate and travel, a sort of dream dimension where there are no real shapes or forms or even senses other than an awareness of our own being. It was quite exhilarating! I was free at last from every limitation of space, or place, or being in a body. This was like being everywhere, yet no place in particular. There was no real sense of light or dark, or any sort of normal sense of reality. I seemed to be almost bodiless, yet I did have some sense of feeling, of moving, and sensing things. Of course, in actuality my physical body was worlds and unimaginable dimensions away on Earth. But now my spirit seemed to be in some timeless place or dimension, a bit like the experience I’d had when I traveled to this place, but somehow deeper into the spirit, if that makes sense. It was like being a living, thinking energy form that could move and flow in, through, and around all things, or all others. It was not unlike dozing off while floating and relaxing in a hot tub. It was a very nice place to be, and I was in no hurry to get back to any sort of recognizable reality–on Earth, or in my new home. Still, Zaapha seemed to be pulling on my spirit, wanting me to go with her on a journey back to Earth. I seemed to understand that we would travel there while in this spiritual dimension or channel.

Words are not sufficient to describe the experience of being in this dreamlike, spiritual state in this strange and wonderful dimension. I realized that there might well be many other levels or dimensions in that invisible world of spirit beyond our tiny, temporal plane on Earth. Entering this new dimension opened up a whole new way of thinking, of existing. It was something like going into a tall building with many floors and getting in the elevator. The ground floor of the building was like physical reality as we know it on Earth, but then when you move up by the Spirit, you discover other floors above the physical plane, and there are probably even some floors below. The Spirit, like God’s great “elevator” or shuttle service, transports you to different levels of existence, and each level is different to be in; in fact, you feel and likely are different while in them. Wherever this vast and formless place we were now in was, one thing was certain; while there, I was more of a spiritual being than a physical one. There wasn’t really anything physically identifiable there at all. Everything was new and strange to me, like being in some incredible dream. I again asked Zaapha–or should I say the presence of Zaapha that was with me–“Am I just dreaming or what?” “Well, I guess it is sort of like dreaming,” she said. “But dreaming up here is a little different than dreaming on Earth.” Then she paused, seeming a bit puzzled upon thinking about it, and added, “Yet I guess it is sort of the same.” Well, I must be dreaming! How could I be in Jamal’s room sort of asleep, yet now somehow be up in this dreamlike dimension getting ready to travel back to Earth, where of all things, my real body was at that very moment. Trying to figure it all out was way beyond me, and even attempting to do so, I knew would just leave me utterly confused. Normal, logical reasoning did not seem to even apply in this spiritual dimension beyond what is imaginable. Still, as much to make conversation as to find answers, I asked, “But what is dreaming?”

“What is dreaming … hmmm?” That was a tough question and not one Zaapha could answer quickly. “Dreaming is entering a spiritual dimension. It’s easier to enter dream dimensions when fewer things distract your spirit, like when your body rests. When everything about you is at rest, your spirit is freer to move out and explore. We have all sorts of things we do and learn during our active times, but then during our times of rest,many of us enter deeper into the spirit, or a dimension of the spirit. In the spirit we’re able to move around more freely, and travel and do special things and go places and communicate, and even help people’s spirits back on Earth. When we go deeper into the spirit, we’re more free–just like when you dream on Earth you’re more free to do all sorts of things.” Looking at me she asked, “Sometimes you have wonderful dreams of flying and doing things that you can’t do in your normal body, don’t you?” “Yes.” “Well, when you sleep, your spirit is free from having to attend to the activities of your mind and body. On Earth you dream, and up here we dream too, but we can also use this special time in the spirit to do special things. Actually, we don’t really need to rest very much at all, but it’s so nice to take some quiet time each day to go deeper into the spirit.” “There is something I don’t understand. This place we’re in seems to be a spiritual place, a spiritual dimension. Is it a place within God’s own Spirit, or are we in some kind of created spiritual dimension apart from God?” I asked this because when I was in the temple lifted by God’s Holy Spirit, it felt different. I could feel the presence of God’s greater Spirit here too, but moving around in this dimension of the spirit seemed to me to be more like moving through some part of God’s creation than moving through God’s own being. It was an impossible question to ask anyone but God, and I felt a little badly for being so analytical.

“I guess what you’re asking me is where does God begin and His creation end? Well, the simple answer to that is that I don’t know. God is everywhere. He’s a spirit, and the foundation of all things is spiritual, even His physical creation. Exactly what ‘spirit’ is or how it works, I don’t know, and am only beginning to discover. That’s one mystery we’ll have eternity to figure out. But for now, we just know God exists, the spirit exists, it works, and so we use it. Right now, you and I are in a deeper spirit state where our spirits can meet and communicate and do exciting things, like go on this mission to Earth.” She went on talking about their being able during sleep time to enter the spirit and do a lot of the things they couldn’t when they’re busy doing other things. “During this quiet time, we do a lot of the things that are special to us, like helping others that we didn’t get to help when we were on Earth. In the spirit we can try to make things right that aren’t right. Aren’t you glad you have permission to come with me?” “Yes! But tell me more about what you can do and what goes on in this special dimension of the spirit. For example, when you’re in this state and in this spiritual plane, can you influence people’s thoughts or dreams?” I asked. Zaapha seemed amused, “Of course! We do it all the time! When people are quietly thinking or resting or dreaming, that’s the best time of all to touch their lives with important thoughts or messages.”

“But how do you go places while you’re in this deeper spiritual state?” “Well, a spiritual dimension is easier to travel through than a physical dimension. The Earth is a very physical place, so there you use physical vehicles to carry you around. But in the spirit world, especially in this special realm of the spirit, when you enter deep like this you can travel anywhere quickly. The deeper you go into this special place in the spirit, the less aware you are of your own person, or being in any one place, or time. In there, any place you want to be or go is just a thought away.” “Oh my,” I sighed, “this is all a bit deep for me. I’m still very much a creature used to being in one place at one time.” Zaapha laughed, “Good, because when we enter Earth space and time you’ll feel right at home.” “What will we do there?” I asked.“Well, there are people there I want to help with their problems. And I thought if you came along and I showed you this part of my life, you would understand me better, and maybe even be able to help.” Help people, I thought. She’s going to help some people? Seeing my thoughts as though I had spoken them, Zaapha replied, “Yes, I help people. I often travel in the spirit in these special moments to be a help to people–especially loved ones that need my help.” “What loved ones?” I asked her, almost guessing. “Well, my mother and father, for example. That’s where we’re going now, to visit my mother.” Zaapha came closer, and in an electric moment our spirits touched. I began feeling a great sense of adventure. Here I was returning to Earth as a spirit, invisible, in another dimension. Still, I was not sure I wanted to leave this wonderful, all-encompassing, warm, relaxing, peaceful place, where all things seemed at rest. Yet all things seemed possible. “So how do we get there?” I asked. “Well, on this trip I’ll be your guide,” she said. “We’re first going to visit my mother. In order to do that I begin to think about and pray for my mother. I begin to reach out to her in the spirit, and when I do that while in this state, we’ll begin to move. We’ll move in the spirit right there to where she is. Now, take my hand, close your eyes, and you’ll see what I mean. Just follow me.” At that point I was not sure I even had hands or eyes, but I followed her lead. I don’t know how it worked, but it worked. As she focused on her mother, and as I was holding her hand, suddenly we seemed to be very light and began to move. I can’t quite describe We seemed to be bodiless, moving through a place not bound by space or time, yet still I had the feeling we were moving. I soon felt a great inward thrill, sort of like being on some wild and exciting new circus ride. It hadn’t really hit me till then, that I was actually at this moment a spirit. What would it be like returning to Earth in this spiritual form and in this spiritual dimension? Would I be like a ghost, or what would it be like? Zaapha and I moved like two beings composed of little more than a collection of thoughts. The same great Being that had created us and given us our existence was now giving us the freedom and power and permission to travel through the spirit, conceivably to anywhere we wanted to go within Creation or beyond. It seemed we could have gone to worlds unimagined! Then I began to feel the imposing presence of physical reality all around us. We seemed to have moved a great distance in what likely was only an instant, a twinkling of the eye. I couldn’t really tell. Time didn’t seem to matter or even be measurable along the pathways and places of the spirit. Anywhere was right there, because everywhere was connected. There in the spirit you weren’t really in any one place, or even traveling in any one direction. You could move through all places, to any place, in a moment of time. It was like being inside a special secret passageway hidden inside a great big house with hundreds of rooms, and you could use this shortcut secret passageway to get to any room in the house almost instantly without having to take the long route around through doors, along walkways and hallways, and up or down stairways to get there. We traveled instantly to that one place in time and space where Zaapha needed and wanted to be, her mother’s apartment. Entering the temporal world from the spirit was kind of like coming in for a landing in an airplane when you come down out of the clouds and suddenly you see the houses and the airport and you then feel the wheels touch the runway and the motors reverse. As we entered the physical dimension, we seemed to be confined somewhat to a spiritual dimension by an unseen barrier. It’s hard to explain, but it was as though we didn’t have enough physical substance to totally enter the physical world and physically appear. I did notice, however, that once we’d entered the physical dimension I was able to physically see Zaapha, rather than just spiritually sense her. We seemed to be a lot more physical now as far as spirits go, but we were not physical enough to do much other than influence people’s minds and spirits. I was not unhappy about being somewhat confined to this spirit dimension, only able to observe and perhaps lightly influence others. Somehow the spiritual dimension or channel or whatever place we were in seemed to provide us with some needed protection. Upon entering Earth’s environment I sensed that we were entering hostile territory. Here was a place where there were spirits at war with God. To really “be” there in full person and in full power, able to do things, would require greater power and a greater “personal” presence than I had at this time. So I was like a traveler in transit able to look through the airport windows, but not permitted to leave the airport and enter the country just yet. Still, I was happy for the moment simply to be an observer from the dimension of the spirit. Life looked very different to me from the spirit. It was like I was behind a two-way mirror and could hear and see people, but not be seen or heard. At times I could feel people’s thoughts, because thoughts are very spiritual things. It was different observing life rather than actually being caught up in it. It was nice not to be all bound up in time and space and one’s own self. Life viewed through the eyes of the spirit had more depth and breadth and clarity. Life was a proving ground of souls, a place of decisions, and a starting point on the path to eternity.



“In these dark days when the Enemy is marshaling his forces and his power on Earth is becoming stronger, how much more important prayer is and will be in the days to come–for it is the weapon of the spirit world. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; you fight not physical enemies, but spiritual ones.”

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