Psalm 91:8

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

Jesus says:

You are going to see a whole lot of bad things, near and far, both while you are on Earth, and later on too, when God’s righteous judgements are poured out on the wicked. Even the final burning and cleansing of the planet is going to be intense. But the goodness of the Lord, the glory of God, the joy that awaits those who are loyal to their Lord and Savior, to Me, Jesus, will be so lovely that it will wipe away all tears. Just looking at the presence of God’s love and the displays of it all around will soothe the jarring effect that seeing the punishments will have.

You’ll be oh so glad then that you are nestled under My sheltering protective shield; that you chose the way of God, and did whatever He asked you to do.

To those who chose God’s way, then the “reward” is going to be something altogether different. You’ll be laughing instead of crying. You’ll be dancing and singing, rather than weeping and wailing. You’ll be eating and dining, rather than hungering and thirsting, like those who hungered after the wrong things will be.

Don’t you want the sunshine and smiles type of rewards? When judgements begin to fall, and the powers of Satan are crushed and brought to a fall, you’ll really want to be on the “good side” of God, not on the side of His wrath poured out.

Those whose names are written in the Book of Life, God’s record of all who have lived and get to keep living eternally, will be sealed with a marking that shows they are on the side of right,  and the righteous God. They want nothing to do with the kingdom of darkness and all its evil doings. Being sealed with God’s protection doesn’t mean that the Devil won’t try to harm you, or even that God will keep your life as a pure fantasy of nothing but joy rides, but what it means is that you are set apart and separated and won’t be given the really tough times that go to those on the opposing side. Like being in a battle, you might be having a tough time, but at least you aren’t on the wrong end of what is being blasted out on the wicked.

And the time of healing will be so long and so beautiful, all tears will be washed away, and joy will be yours. Rewards will be handed out to each and every single being that God ever made. Just what type of reward people get is in many cases up to their choices and whose side they are on.

But you don’t have to wait until the final days to get the joys I wish to give you—including special protection in times of trouble. Nor do the evil ones have to wait for all of the payment for their crimes against the Kingdom of God and His children. In their lifetime while on Earth there will be bad things that come to them, both as a punishment, as well as a deterrent to try to get them to change.

“But if they will not obey I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation” as I said.

So, there is a whole lot more destruction on the horizon, but you who know and love Me will get special protection and loving care by My arms and hands that will be there for you. The harder things get—as you read in the Bible—the closer you are getting to the joy that awaits you, and the abolishing of the evil forces that are trying to win, but never will.

Then I’ll hold you in My arms, feed you at My table, give you to drink from the water of Life, and bring you to meet the Father and the Spirit and Me as well, in My glorified form. Wouldn’t you like to see that and to be near us?

You will be, if you’ve walked the road to Heaven. I will heal all your hurts and you will know joy unspeakable.

Just a little time longer and the times will be changed. The Kingdom of God will reign over all.

I love you and will provide for you, even when trouble surrounds. For lo, I am with you always.

Psalm 91:8

“To those who chose God’s way, then the “reward” is going to be something altogether different. You’ll be laughing instead of crying. “



“Stay By Me”

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