prophecy bites

Jesus speaking:

I will send lessons with the rain, so listen to the raindrops, My loves. Sometimes the lessons will be light and pleasant to the ear, but at times they will be hard and difficult to hear. I will instruct My children and the children of the world through the elements: water, wind and earth. Those who listen to My still small voice and hear My instruction, these ones will be called the blessed ones, but to those who do not heed the whispers of the spirit, I will bring  wind and fire and tempest, for these ones are hard of ear and heart. Prepare My loves, prepare in spirit for you who love Me and sit with Me need not fear the rod of God. Have I not said that these times you have now entered are the day of whispers? Therefore, precious flock of God, watch and pray: watch, pray, listen and obey. Don’t be like the man of earth and clay whose hearing is dull and insensitive through disobedience, he who barely understands written instructions, he who is dead to the voice of My Word both written and whispered, he who turns in anger when My rod is laid upon his back, he who snarls at the very hand who feeds him. The rain, the wind and the elements are good things sent by a loving Father to both the just and unjust, the good and the wicked. The time of tempest is approaching; gather close by My side and the whisperers will guide you through the storm. They that hear My voice will be kept safe through the calamity, and they that hearken not will face the elements alone, until such a time as they run to My arms. It is not My intention to bring fear, but My Word is clear, hail, blood and fire will fall from the sky. The time of earthquakes, and famines and pestilence is upon those men that run with the world and ways of Satan. My Word must be fulfilled; for in the last days men’s hearts shall fail them for fear of those things that will come upon the earth.



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