USED downcast to Jesus

Revelation 3:12 …prophecy

Sometimes, for safety, children have their name, address and the name of their parents written on a card and then pinned on their coat or in a pocket somewhere. That’s so if they get lost, people can help them find their way back to their parents or back home.

For those who belong to My Kingdom and live in the City of God, New Jerusalem, I will write on them their new name, their new address, and the name of God. This means they will always belong to us.

Sometimes you see that people who work in an office building or for a certain company will wear a name tag with a number, their picture and some information about them. This shows that they work for that company and gives them entrance to the company’s building. Without it, they wouldn’t be allowed to come and go freely or maybe even get their paycheck. They are part of the team. People can see at a glance that they are meant to be there. Those without this tag are treated as visitors or outsiders, but those who are labeled or tagged are given the freedom that only members get. Perhaps they can have free access within the building and around the offices, or they can freely use the cafeteria, and they might know the access codes, and get free parking at the place for workers only.

So those that work for Me and have received Me into their hearts and committed their lives to Me, these ones get a special Heavenly label on them. It might not be a visible one, like the somewhat unsightly cards on Earth, but it will be written on them in a Heavenly way. These people are allowed the benefits that only God’s children get to have as fulltime citizens of the King of kings.


Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.


Revelation 3

There is no greater love than to call on the power of the keys to lay down your life for another in unselfishness, compassion, sympathy, sacrifice, tenderness, and humble service.



When the Heavenly City comes to Earth at last, to be adored and honored by Earth’s inhabitants, the God-ordained rulers of the world then will wish to bring their gifts and give honor to the King of kings. They will get to come close to bring their praise and worship and offerings. But only those that are fulltime citizens will get to access all the special places. These live with God in close communion as part of His family. Others might come for a visit, wherever God allows them to come, but then they need to leave again, to go back where they live. But God’s children, who gave their lives to Him, can stay and live and enjoy the freedom to dwell in the city of God. They have their “residency” granted; the ability to live as a long term, life-long citizen of the Kingdom of God, never sent away. Their “visa” never runs out, and the gift of themselves, their “presence” can be the “present” they present.

They don’t have to bring all these offerings, like people of the world may, but God’s children who gave themselves to Me, to their Lord and Maker, King and Savior, have given the best they can. They can live in God’s Heavenly City forever, and serve the Lord with gladness, always. And it will be with gladness, for serving God in those days, after the enemy has been subdued, will be pure pleasure.