Psalms 139 …a prophecy

I know you in and out. I have searched deep, looked deep –past the pride, the foolish decisions, and the hard shell you use to protect yourself.  I have searched. What does it mean to search? It means I am looking for something… and you’ll see from the next part what I found in My search.

I have known you. I have uncovered you. I have made love to you. I have searched for you, and I have found you. When I search you, I see what no one else can see. I see the inside and what is longing to be found. I see past the flesh and its weak frailty,

I know your spirit.

In the term of being “searched” you must succumb to Me. You can’t fight against the process fearing the “being known” part of the experience. You must let Me run My hands over you. Don’t fear that I will find something that displeases Me. I will, My love, but I have every intention of smoothing out your rough edges. Even your faults I know. For it is you that I have known and searched, and you aren’t perfect.

 Look into My searching gaze and be known, let Me see it all. Yes, that means giving up anything that would hinder Me knowing you. I want to know everything, good and bad, so I can go about the work that only I can of cleansing you entirely.

Now, My darling, yield. Like searching winds rush through a building blowing away anything that is unstable, so I come to you. Open your arms and know Me, the real Me. Do not clutch to your garments for protection; let Me see past them.

Now in the terms of knowing someone, what does it mean to for Me to know you? It means I am completely acquainted with everything about you. There’s nothing left for you to hide; there’s no pretense of goodness or false fronts of self-righteous polish.

All that’s left is Me and you, and that’s perfect.

Of course, I have known everything since the very beginning. It’s you that has to come to the realization, and that is what takes so long and makes this process sometimes painful and a battle. It usually takes a humbling or many humblings for you to just fall at My feet and say “Oh Lord, You know it all.” When you know you aren’t good and you are failing and falling apart a lot of the time, and you come to Me broken and finally knowing you’re nothing and have nothing, that’s when we really know each other, because you finally see Me as I am or at least much more clearly. That’s because you see yourself more clearly. You see you are just weak and frail and helpless, and then you see Me still loving you and still wanting you. We are making progress at this point. I already know everything, but I need you to see in order for the battle to be won. What battle? The battle against your pride, your rebellion against Me knowing you. Yes, for a human to submit to Me so fully there must first be some sort of struggle or battle. That’s how I made you.

“O lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.”



There is no hurt too deep, no relationship too strained, no wrong that cannot be made right with the power of the keys.


You are full of pride, so for us to know each other as I desire, there must first come a shattering of the way you see yourself.  This usually means tears and sadness and condemnation and all those messy things, but it’s not something to be feared.

Don’t fear to be exposed, to be naked and empty-handed.

That is mankind’s real fear…to be known as the weak, hopeless creatures that they are. The strong “together” front goes up, and that is what stops Me from knowing you and making love to you as I desire. You build yourselves up and seek always to patch up pride when really I’ve intentionally broken it. Failure and mistakes aren’t seen the right way. They are pretty much the only way for man’s pride to be beaten down. But then comes the utter hopelessness, utter despair when you see, I mean really see, your own weakness and inability. For people in the world, it’s strongly rejected to be in such a broken state, and since pride is so good at repairing itself so swiftly, many, usually, don’t learn what I want them to from their mistakes. But you, My love, are My bride and I am teaching you right now the true meaning of weakness. You never knew it was so deep and how it felt to actually be “weak”. You knew it in theory for a long time, but only when you were completely humbled, completely crushed under the weights did you see what it all meant.

Take cheer; now you can look up because there’s nowhere else to look.

Everything you thought you had is gone, and I am all that’s left.  Weep, and let go of the cover of strength that only stops Me from using you as I desire.  Let the tears flow, for you are weak. Seek not to be strong, for you are a weak creation. I made you thus, so you might cling to My side. Fear not to be weak and helpless.  Be just that, so I can be strong for you, brave for you, and the one to handle everything.

 Be My helpless one that I may be everything for you.

 Your strength stops Me from all that I want to do with you. I can’t really make love to someone who has a lot of self-confidence and pride, so I will work on you till you see yourself as you are and in turn see Me as I am. This is something beautiful, this ugly broken clay. This toilet is beautiful. This failure in your own eyes is how I introduce you to yourself and how I turn you on towards Me all the more. After this, you’ll be that much more in love with Me as you’ve seen My faithfulness amidst your faithlessness. Then you can say with a clean heart that I have searched you out. I have known you, and you praise Me wholeheartedly because I love you anyway.


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