prophecy bites

–Jesus speaking—

 I need voices. I need voices that are raised for the truth in every area. In every walk of life, I need My soldiers to be fighting My battles. I have placed My children in strategic places to wage My warfare. My warfare is for souls, to liberate them with My truth and to fight against the wiles and lies of the Devil. You have a deep love for the truth, so let that come out in your witness.

In every opportunity you have to speak, speak the truth. I didn’t always give everyone the whole truth at once, because I knew that they would not be able to bear it. I fed the babes with milk and then the meat came later. So you need to feed people with the milk that will help them to grow. Some will oppose in the spirit and some will accept. But always acknowledge Me, your God and Creator in your interactions. It can be in a more restrained way, but never neglect to give people the clues they need to look further.

I want to be glorified. Not because I am proud or because I need people to glorify Me for My sake, but because I am the truth and I want people to know My truth. Just as a government organization wants to get its activities known so people can access its services, that is My motive for wanting My name to be spread abroad. People need to know that salvation is available through Me, Jesus. So don’t shun to declare it.

You can do so respectfully and gently, telling your own testimony and making it personal. People love stories, and no one can deny a life story. So keep your witness about your personal journey, but be clear also that your journey led to faith in Me, which has saved you and can save others.

Do not be ashamed to confess Me before men, and I will not be ashamed to confess you before My Father which is in heaven.

SIGNS MATTHEW 24:3 an end time post



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