Jesus serving new wine

Revelation 3:20 …a prophecy

Doors were created to demonstrate a spiritual principle —that there are two sides. There is the “in-side,” and there is the “out-side”. What side are you on? What side will you be able to be on? In or out?

If you look at the things going on in the world today, the things people believe in, do, or promote, it can be confusing and seem like there are many voices calling this way and that way. “Vote for this” or “do that” or “don’t ever do this and that”. But I made the rules of God very simple and said there were two that covered all: to love God and to love others. So are there just two sides of loyalties.

The masses might be pulled ignorantly this way or that way by the opposing invisible powers, but there are only two teams: God and His opponent. To be on the winning side permanently, you need to walk through the door to the “inside”, so you can be a part of God’s Family. Everyone else will be on the outside.

I am the door, by Me will you get inside to God’s Kingdom. You have to believe in Me and get washed up from the ways of this world’s evils. Forsake and give up the things you are doing that fight against God’s ways. Choose to love God with all your heart and mind and soul and love others with God’s love and in God’s way. Then you will be an “insider”.

Come on in! I’ll let you in on the inside scoop. You’ll find out things that only those who live with and for the Lord their God get to hear about and understand.

But what do you have to do first? Well, you have to let Me into your heart. I’ve got to be in your heart, then you can have the freedom to walk through the door to Heaven and come abide with all God’s loving children and big family forever.

Do you like to eat? Well, you’ll get to eat at the table with the King of all. Food fit for a king is served there, and you’ll get to sit down and fellowship with all those at the King’s table—every day. When you are part of the royal family, you get special honors, and you are a prince who helps rule others. You are nourished and provided for, not just with necessities, but with pleasures and joy. In Heaven, you won’t go hungry, but can feast with the God of Creation, the God of Love, the God who made you and everyone, and gave you all those desires for pleasure and enjoyment. You’ll be ministered unto and treated honorably.


Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.”REV.3:20,21


Revelation 3

Where My Spirit and the keys are, there is peace and simplicity.


At the right hand of God, there are pleasures forevermore, eternal love and life and joy, merriment and satisfaction. Be brave for now when things aren’t as they should be. The time will come when all will be made lovely, pure, and good. Endure unto the end, and then I will say, “Come in, blessed of My Father—for I was hungry and you fed Me.”

You said to others, “Come and sup with me” and fed them food for their heart and spirit and cared for the needs of their soul. Feeding the hungry can be a good way to get their attention, but remember that the food and water will pass away and they’ll be hungry and thirsty all over again; but the living water and the bread from Heaven is what people need most of all.

Did you offer them to sit down at your table, or did you join them at theirs, so that you could feed their hungry spirit? Did you knock on others’ doors and say “May I come in? I have something for you,” and share a bit of Heaven with their home?

Just like I knocked on the door of your heart, so do I ask you to knock on the door of others’ lives and homes, offering to bring a bit of My peace and faith into their lives. Don’t just let them go on as if you don’t care or have forgotten them. But keep giving those little knocks, those reminders that you care and want them to accept you and Me, Jesus, their Lord, into their life.  

It may seem like they aren’t responding, but every knock that wakes them up and gets them to peer outside -outside of their closed heart- is helping them to make decisions as to whether or not they will let Me into their heart and life.

Keep knocking, keep seeking the lost, keep asking if they want to make Me a part of their lives. I never stop knocking, and I have the best nourishment ready to share with each person on Earth. I want to be a friend to each one. But they have to let Me in before I can come in. Those who do let Me  into their life and who take in the bread of life and the living water can be let into My Heavenly realm.


He’s coming soon

“You are of the house of David, the house of faith. You are being trained to stand with Me, as part of My government, a government that will rule not only this earth, but all of creation. (I saw a vision of Jesus standing on a high mountain, much like the one illustrated in the Revelation 21 video.  He swept his hand outward at the heavens and the planets and stars and solar systems and galaxies as He spoke these Words.) Earth is My footstool. I call it a footstool because it is where I will place My City of Light, My home, a place of rest and recreation, a place where I can put My feet up whilst all My wives and children gather about Me for fellowship and enjoyment. It will be a place of great peace and learning; it will be the center of the world. You, My brides, will be My ambassadors; always on call, always ready to go, to do, to be My representatives to all creation. Wherever you go, you will be sent by Me as My messengers. You will herald My coming; you will prepare the hearts and minds of those who will be receiving Me. I will not just sweep in unannounced, not even as a babe did I come unannounced to earth. That was an official visit that took much preparation of hearts and minds of many people. Yes, sometimes I come incognito, dressed in garb that hides My true glory and identity, but when I send you, My ambassadors, then everyone will know I am on an official visit. You will make sure everything is in place, and that all in that city or planet or solar system know that the King of kings is visiting their kingdom. This will be only one of your responsibilities.

For now, My loves, earth is your training school, your academy. It is My officers training school; it is open for admission anytime, for anyone whom I have called. However, not many desire to enter this school. Many know it is here in the spiritual realm, yet so many choose not to register. There are others also that know it is here, those that despise what is happening here. These are full of jealousy and hatred toward you and the choices you have made. These are those that felt cheated at the time the plans for this school were unveiled, and allowed pride and envy to creep into their hearts . These are those that were called to remain as servants within My Kingdom. Nonetheless, everyone must pass through the course of servitude –everyone. And no one, not even I your King, skipped this course. Angels, men –all creation must pass the course, for true happiness only comes through being a servant of all. Did not I say I am a servant of all? Yes, a life of service to others is the alabaster box of fine ointment that makes those who break the box smell so good, and as its aroma is released, it permeates the world around those box breakers. Break the box and let the golden elixir of humility pervade the lives of others. Eventually the whole world will be saturated.

The jealous ones fight a hopeless fight; love always wins in the end. These ones will either yield to this great order or be consumed by their own pride. I have told you before that you are now fighting these ones for the sake of the Kingdom to come. You, My children, the rulers to come, are fighting for your subjects. You are fighting the jealous ones, their jealousy has no reason. They are bound by pride and hatred and their intent is to destroy all My plans, and not only My plans, but the earth itself and all who dwell upon it. Only I can save the garden of God, and I will, but you must do your part to win those who are lost before My return, those wandering ones lost in the desert of sin,. Announce My arrival; this is your commission as My ambassadors. Tell the world of My soon arrival. Prepare the hearts of all, both good and evil, for the soon coming of the King of kings.”


“The Lord wants to use the Family to be witnesses of His Law of Love to the world, because in so doing, He’s paving the way for the world of tomorrow when He returns to rule the world by His Law of Love.” David Berg






with prophecy: Jesus speaking

What are you doing? Yes, you are mulling over the past. The enemy is there right beside you; in fact, he has been beside your bed just waiting for you to awaken and rise to the occasion. “Welcome to your life, Sinner”, he said as you opened your eyes.

My love, there is no way you can undo what you have done in the past. What is done in the flesh is final and sealed. So why live in it? Why dwell in it and allow that “Filth” to drag it into the present and on into the future? What a hell he has waiting for him; he’s the one with no future. He’s the one who has an eternity of regret to live through, and all because he couldn’t say “Sorry, please forgive me. I was wrong, and I want with all my heart to start over again.” That’s all it takes, My love; it really is that simple because I did pay for it all, every last mistake and sin, every last thing that was done in the flesh by every last sinner that every walked on this earth and who will yet walk on this earth. It is wrong to listen to his tirades; he is using your past to destroy your future. But, My sweet one, your future lies with Me. I am your future. I paid the price, and you are Mine –bought and paid for. Why did I do that? Because I love you. Now, isn’t that so simple? Yes, My love, very simple, even though it is difficult to forget a past that is full of sin and mistakes, and it is easy swamp for the “Scum Bag” to dredge up and throw out of the bucket before your feet, and oh how difficult it is to not look at, let alone think about. But in the end, what is the point of doing that?

In My eyes, and the “Dirt Bag” knows this too, that swamp is gone, done, finished and flushed away. All your sins are as scarlet, washed in the blood of the Lamb, My blood, and My blood makes everything as white as snow. Your future is as white as snow, a path not yet trodden, stretching out before you on into eternity. Now pick up that pack that I gave you at the beginning of this journey,  strap it on your back, and get back on that trail. And remember when each day dawns, that you are born again, a new creature with a fresh start because all those sins of yesterday and even those you committed just now by listening to “Foul Mouth”, are paid for, were paid for and will be paid for. So put a smile on your face and let’s go. Here, hold My hand. I love holding your hand; it feels so warm and smooth and whilst I do, I can run My finger over the wedding ring, just to remind you of who you are and what we did together so many years ago now. I love you.”

A prayer:

Dearest Jesus, I love you even though at times I don’t act like it. Why don’t I? Because I keep making the mistake of looking at myself, and when I do that all I see is my flesh, that is all I see…flesh, sins and mistakes. But if I look at you, I see love; I see perfection; I see grace and I see encouragement and a reason to fight on. How simple it all is, just keep my eyes on you and everything is okay, bright and happy. When I’m feeling low and depressed it is because my eyes have dropped from your face and I am looking at the earth and the things of this earth, the flesh and self. How silly I am, I know in my heart that there is only death there, so why do my eyes stare so? It is only dark down there, the light is above, the light is in your face, I know You are there because I feel Your hands holding mine. If I keep looking down like this I will let go of your hands; I hear Your voice still, and it is calling me to not let go, to hold tight to You and look up again into the light of Your beautiful face and smile. You don’t see what I see when You look at me, you see something that I don’t see and it makes You smile. If I look at Your smile and believe that it is for me then I know my life will brighten and everything will look different. When I do that, then me no longer matters, it only matters when I start to look at me again…oh silly so unimportant me. I am flesh and You are spirit…to become like You I must look at You at all times, and when I do, nothing else matters. There are no shadows then. Yes, I may be surrounded by darkness but I won’t see it because all I see is You. This is what I want more than me and self and I.

A sinners prayer

“My love, there is no way you can undo what you have done in the past. What is done in the flesh is final and sealed. So why live in it?”



Revelation 21

A video about the Heavenly City





from crystal, Denmark

Dear Ones,

I wanted to share testimonies of my life since the Reboot. I moved back to my hometown in the very south of Denmark in 2012. My mother was in a nursing home, and I took care of her until she passed on. I cleaned her flat twice a month, and spent a lot of time with her. She never liked me joining the Family, so we made up, which was good. I had 3 good years with her. Besides that, I went to college to get my Danish back. After being on the Field for sooooo many years, I couldn’t formulate sentences in Danish.

While in college, I started to personal witness to the other students. It was all very low-key  because I wasn’t allowed to talk about Jesus in the school. Nevertheless, I won many souls while there. It always started off when some of the students didn’t feel good, I would say “I can pray for you. I believe strongly in the power of prayer.” They always seemed touched at the kind thought and that led to talk about God. I’ve gotten many many souls since moving back here, old friends etc.

My town is very small. I never tell people here about COG or that I had been a missionary. I always say I did humanitarian work. You have to win Danish people as friends before you can introduce Jesus to them.

I can see over the years since I’ve been here that it paid off leading so many to the Lord as now I’m starting to give Bible classes. I have a woman that I give End time classes to once a week on Skype. And now 4 more people are standing in line wanting to read the Bible with me. First of all, I will give them a class on how to receive the HS. I did that with Ingrid, the one I’m giving a class to once a week. She wanted to know how to witness, and I found a very good class in the TFI Library. She cried afterward  when she got the infilling of the HS.

Once a month I’m part of a Christian telephone service here, where people who are lonely, depressed or even just want to chat can phone in.  It is such an excellent chance to witness. It’s super inspiring, I share this evening with another Family brother. I have a turn from 8Pm-11pm.  I witness every time and so many souls have been won.

Since I have started sharing the Word with people more the Devil is on the attack like never before. Like the verse goes–The enemy walks about as a roaring Lion, seeking whom he may devour. The enemy tried to snuff out my life a few nights ago. All of a sudden, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like someone wanted to strangle me. I couldn’t breathe. I sat up in bed and rebuked the enemy out loud, screaming at him. (just like Martin Luther  throwing an ink bottle at the devil) I prayed, drank some water and phoned a dear sister in Mexico. She prayed with me on the spot.

Last night I felt it again a bit because an old friend had come over to see me; I asked her if she wanted to read the Bible with me, and she said yes. So the devil was mad. I feel people are so hungry for the Word these days. They don’t find it in the churches. We’re living in the Last Days and have so much to share with the lonely and lost people out there. I’m super thankful for all the training I received when living as a missionary those many years ago.

Since I started to give  Endtime classes and read the Bible with people, the attacks have intensified. Dad wrote a letter way back called Spiritual attacks intensified. Since joining the Family in ’73, I’ve always seen angels, had spirit trips, visions and dreams, as well as the gift of prophecy (which was introduced to us all in ’97)

I’ve lived here in my small town with no other Family members close by. There are very few brethren here in this part of Denmark. I know only 4. I see them from time to time. It hasn’t always been easy for me to live alone. (There are other people living in the other part of the house. They are old friends of mine. I have led them all to the Lord since being here along with my neighbors.) yet the Lord has taken such good care of me all these years; I really can’t complain. I receive a very small pension, but the Lord stretches it every month. I live very frugally, and still manage to send donations to many different Family members every month.

My youngest child lives here in my town as well, and I see him a lot.  But since I’m alone most of the time here in my flat, I talk to Jesus out loud as if he was right here, which He is. We have one-on-one conversations together a lot. When I take my morning walks out in the countryside, many times I hear footsteps behind me; I turn around and there’s nobody there. I know I have many powerful spirit helpers and angels  with me.


I guess with everything happening so fast in the world, the Lord has taught me to praise Him no matter what. When I wake up in the morning, I sing songs to Jesus and pray before getting out of bed.

I love ALL of you around the world wherever you may be. God bless and keep you safe in His arms

Julie (Crystal Streams)

personal testimony

“While in college, I started to personal witness to the other students. It was all very low-key  because I wasn’t allowed to talk about Jesus in the school. Nevertheless, I won many souls while there”



You begin the charge

It’s time to sound the charge, to call the armies of Heaven to war, to set the captives free.





The Wine Cellar

prophecy bites

–Jesus speaking—

 I need voices. I need voices that are raised for the truth in every area. In every walk of life, I need My soldiers to be fighting My battles. I have placed My children in strategic places to wage My warfare. My warfare is for souls, to liberate them with My truth and to fight against the wiles and lies of the Devil. You have a deep love for the truth, so let that come out in your witness.

In every opportunity you have to speak, speak the truth. I didn’t always give everyone the whole truth at once, because I knew that they would not be able to bear it. I fed the babes with milk and then the meat came later. So you need to feed people with the milk that will help them to grow. Some will oppose in the spirit and some will accept. But always acknowledge Me, your God and Creator in your interactions. It can be in a more restrained way, but never neglect to give people the clues they need to look further.

I want to be glorified. Not because I am proud or because I need people to glorify Me for My sake, but because I am the truth and I want people to know My truth. Just as a government organization wants to get its activities known so people can access its services, that is My motive for wanting My name to be spread abroad. People need to know that salvation is available through Me, Jesus. So don’t shun to declare it.

You can do so respectfully and gently, telling your own testimony and making it personal. People love stories, and no one can deny a life story. So keep your witness about your personal journey, but be clear also that your journey led to faith in Me, which has saved you and can save others.

Do not be ashamed to confess Me before men, and I will not be ashamed to confess you before My Father which is in heaven.

SIGNS MATTHEW 24:3 an end time post



        To My Elites (new)

        parts 1-6


To be carnally minded is death

“Yes, the flesh is set to self-destruct. Just look at man…for all the supposed progress and new technology, man is on a path of self-destruction. Didn’t I say through Paul that to be carnally minded is death? (Rom. 8:6) That is no joke, and it is not some symbolic parable. The desires of the flesh, if yielded to, can destroy a person. Some have the desire to drink alcohol, others a desire to overeat, some a desire to under eat. If any of these are followed through on to an extreme, the end is death.

There is also spiritual death; pride is the ultimate in carnal mindedness and fleshly thinking. But so many embrace it and allow that spirit to settle on them because it feels good. It feels good to be lifted up in mind, either by lifting yourself up or allowing others to lift you up. But it’s the same carnal path of death. Pride leads to rejection of Me and My ways, and that is spiritual death. This type of fleshly thinking is even more prevalent in the world today. If you can escape this ever present demon of pride, then you should be oh so grateful to Me.

Thank Me for the humblings and the breaking. They allow you to come to Me in love and nakedness. You cannot come in unto Me if you are coated in pride. You have to get rid of those garments. You must see clearly where these paths of pride and flesh lead…death. As for you, you will most likely not eat yourselves to death. But when you indulge the flesh either by partaking of some fleshly pleasure that you shouldn’t or by following that path of pride in your mind, you allow yourself to be held back and hindered in your walk as a soldier. I have always told you that indulging the flesh dulls your connection with the spirit. This can happen in many ways …whatever  happens to be your weakness, whether eating, daydreaming, yielding to pride, seeking fleshly pursuits, or just not fighting and letting your battles walk all over you. Even being lazy or lethargic about your battles is “fleshing out” because most times the flesh doesn’t want to fight. It doesn’t feel like calling on the keys and forsaking the juicy lies that the enemy is feeding it. It’s weird, but it wants to stay in that pit and get beat over the head by the enemy until it’s a bloody, useless mess. See what I mean about the flesh being self-destructive? Do you see what it is saying when it says “to be carnally minded is death?”  

Romans 8:6

“This world and the things of this world, including your flesh is set to self-destruct.”



“Revelation 13:3”

Covid19 is a well laid trap. Just as fire drives wild animals crazy with fear and frenzy; so does the designer of 666 use Covid to create fear and desperation in the hearts and minds of the masses.  In the flesh there is no way out…YET…there is a way out…Only Jesus saves, not the vaccine, not the mask, not the mark…Only Jesus.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind(2 Timothy 1:7)

Remember fear brings torment, and you lose your sound mind.