prophecy bites

“The love of money is the root of all evil. And the axe shall get laid to the root of this tree. If you want your life to be built up and rooted strongly, it needs to be “established in the faith”.

Have you noticed how fear and money go hand in hand—first you fear you won’t have enough, then you fear it will be taken; and when you are not living by faith and for faith, more often than not, it does get taken. It’s a funny game really, when money is your aim and focus, you always lose. If you horde it and hold on to it, never spending it, what good is it even having it? If you spend it, it’s gone. In the end when you leave this life, you leave it all, what did it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your own soul?

 If your soul is saved, yet you still work for the glory of being rich, and don’t share the wealth, you will have to learn tough lessons in the World to come. You didn’t invest that which was given to you as a steward.  The whole reason it was given was to enhance and build up the kingdom of God.

So let every cent you ever receive be seen not as a gift to you personally, but as a job to do for Me. Be a faithful servant and go and use that money for what it was given for. If you don’t know, then ask. Or if you asked for supply and I gave it, thank Me and use it for what you asked it for. Neither give place to the enemy. Remember it all belongs to Me, for you belong to Me, and everything I let you have is Mine and is to be used for what I have asked you to do.

It’s like if I give a basket of food to you, My servant, to take to a poor woman, but on your way you nibble it, throw some to a stray dog and put some in your pocket. That’s not being a faithful messenger or servant. When I ask the woman about how much she received and find out it was less than I gave, it will cost you. You’ll have to pay it back.

So is it if money is given to you, realize that every bit of it should be prayed about and used rightfully. But more important than faithfulness in material things is the time you spend, and what you spend your life doing. So be most of all faithful with your time.

If I want you to work for money because there are people there to reach and help, then do so with a pure heart, working for Me to gather the true riches, hardly thinking about the money game set up just to trap you into being too busy or too in debt to follow Me.

Keep your focus right, and don’t lose sight of the goal—Heaven, its rewards, and the souls that are meant to be there.”




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