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Last night I dreamt I was at a sideshow. The dream itself wasn’t so clear as I can’t remember many details. But there was this stage and there were many colorful lights and advertising and people were being invited behind the stage in groups. There was a door; I guess you had to pass through to get to where the owner and his sidekicks were. They were there selling tickets to a show or some potion. I can’t remember so clearly what they were selling, but it was obvious that they were con-men and the whole show was a setup. Anyway, in spite of the obvious fake, I was about to buy into the whole thing. However, when I asked the guy how much it was going to cost, he told me –if I remember correctly– $650. I was shocked at the cost and woke up.

I guess I had the dream around 2am, I’m not sure. I didn’t check the time, but I did start to ask the Lord about it, and He explained that the dream represented what was happening in the world regarding the vaccine. It is one big sideshow and the Devil and his people are selling snake oil to anyone who will swallow their lie. I was amazed at how blind the masses are, because in my dream, with the stage and back room, the lights and the advertising,  it was so obviously a con. I vaguely remember being told that if you drank the potion or watched the show, you would see amazing things –kind of like miracles, I guess.

Anyway, I started praying then and asking the Lord to raise the bones at whatever cost because so many people are buying into this great big fakery. It’s like everyone is in a dreamworld, and they can’t be woken but by an intervention from the Lord –just like He intervened in our lives.

I was especially burdened for the Children of David, because of all people, they should be seeing through the big lie. So I was praying for them quite desperately, and toward the end of the prayer, the figure 53% came into my thoughts. My next thought was about the number one third, because one third of all men will die during the tribulation period. I don’t know the exact number of people on earth today, but 53% is way over one third. I immediately heard Jesus say, “They are faking the numbers too, just to trick people into thinking that the show is selling out fast so they should buy into it quick.”

This morning when I woke up, I started to think about the $650 and why the Lord had given me that particular number. The only thought I had was about the Bible. Isaiah came to mind because it was the only book that I could think of that had at least that many chapters. I don’t think it is too difficult to see the similarities in Isaiah to my dream.

Prophecy: “Come out from among them My people; touch not the unclean thing and I will repay. I will be your provision and your mainstay during the dark days ahead. Have I not promised and have I not said that ye are a chosen people, a peculiar generation? –A generation called out of season for such a time as this. Yet here I find thee lying among the pots eating pottage; the abominable thing, selling off thy birthright as a cheap thing that you may lie with the world. This ought not so to be. Did I not say to go ye and preach the acceptable day of My coming to all the world? Did not I say that if you would not, then I would give your heritage to another?

Isaiah 65:2 I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts;

Prophecy continued: Get up out of your comfortable dwelling and behold those that preach in your place –those that hold not even a fraction of the knowledge thy Father David has given you, yet they preach against this evil empire, this make believe, this lie, the snake oil of Satan.

You say, it is not yet time. I say, the harvest is white and there are not yet four months. I say the harvest is rotting in the field. At this point, I had a vision of the picture in a Hope TK where the farmer was kind of caught on the wrong foot and had to rush into the house and gather as many of the household as possible to reap the harvest before the big storm on the horizon hit.

Son of man, you cannot save anything by the strength of your own arm, for your arm and your plans and schemes will fail you. The world is quicksand, and it is spiraling out of control into the hands of Satan. The hour is past and we are not saved.”


“The keys of revolution can remind you each and every day that time is short, so you don’t fritter your time away on worldly time wasters that eat away at your faith.”


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