Aiming for Kids


“My dearest loves, you have been through many battles, many tribulations and I say to you “well done” You have fought well and now you stand at the gates. You have entered the wilderness of My Spirit. You have heard My call in the night seasons. When I said to you, “Seek My face,” your heart said to Me, “Your face will I seek,” and for this gift you have given Me, have I carried you into this safe place –not safe in the way that it is free from difficulties and tribulation, but safe because it is in the shadow of My wings. Indeed as you pass into 2023, you will face more challenges and battles, but, My dear children, always know that you are fighting on My side and no matter how dirty the fight gets, you are holding up My banner, and I will come fight for You when it seems the fight is too long. This Christmas is a sober time, but rejoice in your hearts, My sweets, because soon you will be in My everlasting arms, and everything you have passed through will be wiped away.

Keep holding your candles up. Be faithful to the Words and the torch of David, and no matter how dark the darkness, cling ,cling, cling. Hold up the light of My words no matter how small your candle seems. Each of you is burning there on Earth, and you are fulfilling what I need you to; you are keeping the light alive. My fire burns in each of your hearts. Don’t feel insignificant; you are the light in the world, in this dark age. My little lights, keep burning, even though it costs you. You are keeping the light burning till I come back to claim you. Then, you will never have to walk in this dark place.

I have brought you to this secret place and here you will be kept 1260 days, kept for Me. I’ve kept you for burning in these last days, so keep drinking the fuel of My Word and be faithful to the death even if it feels like the enemy is winning or your light is too small.

Give Me the best you have, and I’ll do with you what the world said was impossible. I do the impossible with you, and with you I will prove My Words of all ages to be true.

Submitted by Brittney


Matthew 7:14
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

“You are accountable to do this– to prove it. Who do you have to prove something to? First to yourself, then to Jesus, then to everybody else that says it can’t be done. No, it can’t be done, but yet it can be done through the power of the keys, by obedience to the Word of God, to the new weapons, and to the Words of David. It can be done. IT HAS TO BE DONE. It has to be proven! We have to live the Words of David. Somebody has to do it. If you don’t want to do it, the Lord will have to find someone else, but that just delays the end. He has to set somebody up as an example and say, “Look, I don’t need to listen to all you people’s excuses anymore–Here’s somebody that’s done it. I know it’s just one person, but he’s done it; she’s done it. No, she’s not some superman; she’s not some super Paul, or Peter or super Elijah. No, she’s just a teen; he’s just a teenager, just like you were.”
But how did he do it?
He obeyed the Word. He fought the enemy at every crossroads, at every signpost —he fought the enemy, and cut that son of a bitch down. That’s all; I can’t tell you anything more. It’s a tough road; it’s a difficult road, and it’s a thin, narrow path— very thin, very narrow. One step off, pick up that foot and put it back on the path.” (From a 2022 podcast)



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   You benefit from the power of the keys as much as you use the keys. So make it an automatic reaction and habit to call on their power at all times!.


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