Romans 1:20

Yesterday I saw a pigeon riding on the roof of a car. When I saw it, the car was turning at a street corner and the pigeon seemed to have a lot of experience because it moved around on the roof to keep its balance, and down the street it went. I laughed, and I wanted to say to another person that was there, “Did you see that?”  but obviously I was the only person that saw it. I asked the Lord to give me something about it and here is what I received:

Jesus Speaking: ‘There aren’t many car-surfing pigeons. They are about as rare as the Children of David. The majority of those that tried it gave it up after a while. After all, they couldn’t go where they wanted; they had to go where the driver drove them. I am your driver, and when you are surfing My car you have to go where I am going. Even though car surfing is a lot of fun and, as pigeons, you can go faster than flying and can go where your friends have never gone. It’s kind of scary because you may never get back to your old neighborhood again with your old friends. So even though there are so few pigeons who have ever tried car surfing, there are even fewer who kept at it.

You want miracles? They’re there for you. You just have to seek them, find them, and take hold of them with faith.You want protection? Provision? Deliverance? Supply? Answers? Spiritual revelations? Supernatural understanding? Mystical insight? Wisdom? Creativity? It’s all there for you, and then some!


The Happy end

The power of the keys will place a bubble of protection around your heart, keeping it separated from the world. Use them and you will always be a part of My ecclesia.

They were the oddballs, the real crazy ones who would dare to do such a thing and to keep at it when they had no idea of where they would end up. What kind of pigeon in their right mind would do such a thing – and keep on doing it? Good gracious, no! Everyone knows that pigeons love to stick  with their old friends forever, not go wandering around, who knows where. So if you ever see a car-surfing pigeon you can be sure that you have seen a rare bird indeed.”


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