prophecy bites

“It’s an overload of knowledge that brings on an anxious worry of never being prepared enough. So, in the end, you do little but sit in the grandstands watching others take their lives to a frenzy level beyond anything I want you to do in your life at this time.

What is the way in which you should go, and how do you get there? .. depends on what I’m doing in your life, and where I want you to be to do it.  You have nothing to do with Joe blow the whistle, or Ivan insider info. Yes, it can & may get that bad, but what is that to you?  You know it’s true what Stephen sent you here, “How does it make you feel when you come away from watching these who take up so much time?”  It’s beyond comprehension, the information coming at you; no wonder the state of their nations have you locked in their grid.  Do I want you spending more time listening to them than you do to Me in your pnp time? Is your spirit moved to go and tell the world what you have learned in order to help a lost soul, or does it make you want to prep more, buy more, hide more, or become selfish with those who need you? “

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Prophecy bites

More from the “Seeds of David”: Ancydea

I know you are hurting, Darling. We all are. But it’s a pain that will pass. We’ll light up again and fly high with new joys before time is up. Be glad you have time left on your hands. And if you feel you are broken in too many ways to get those wings to fly again, then just run; run with all your might, and He’ll renew your strength. Before too long, the wind might just catch your wings and straighten them out again, and even if you can’t flap them hard and fast yet, the wind under your wings will hold you up and get you buoyed up and gliding.

Wounds are hard to recover from, but take heart and know that not one bit of the suffering and pain of the current situation is going to be wasted. It’s going to be milked for the most it can, and bring back good into your life.

No, darling, you didn’t fail—you are still in the game and still doing your best, even if “best” doesn’t look as shiny as you’d like it to be. You did your best under enormous challenges and tight circumstances. But just because you didn’t reach your ideal goals doesn’t mean you didn’t do what you were mean to do.

You see so many failures, so many broken tools that you tried to use. So many plants that just didn’t grow like you were hoping they would. It’s going to be a tough fight now. Nothing about it is easy. Prayer is going to see you through. Prayer and a bit of perspiration. … Be brave. You really can’t tick every box and feel like a winner in all things.

But did you hear from Jesus about something today? And did you put into practice at least one or two things that He asked of you in the past little while, to the best of your ability? Good Darling. Your heart is right, even if your hands and feet can’t work and run as fast as you’d wish, and not as many “priorities” are tended to each day. Be brave. It’s all going to come together like a grand, numerous piece, multi dimensional puzzle. 

And we’re not over yet. There’s more to come, you’ll see. And remember too, that when you are serving the Lord, there is plenty that won’t seem right to your eyes –right now– that is. But you are not the judge. You can leave the final score up to the One who made the game.

THE MYSTERIOUS KEYS an end time post



The flag has been dropped

(Jesus) Many are called but few are chosen. We’re moving up now. The times of the past are gone; the times of comfort and relaxation are no more. We have entered the last leg of the race.

(Channel) I see many teams lining up. It seems to be a relay race.

(Jesus) My children of David have dropped their flag; they have forsaken My way, My calling to them. But I am again calling. I am calling all who will listen, all who will heed, all who wish to follow Me into this last lap. My teams are ready and will join you and help you to carry your team’s flag across the finish line.

(Channel I  see those who are about to start running the last lap drinking something.

(Jesus) These are the refreshments, My energy drinks of New Wine that give new power for these last days. If you wish to run with this team, you must drink it in. If you do not, you will not be able to keep up the pace. Even now, I am pouring out My new wine to every corner of the globe. Each team must partake of this feast, for by it, they will finish the race. I say to you who will run with My Children of David, drink this new wine that I give you, and partake of it alone. For only these, My words, will sustain you. I have prepared your vessels since the dawn of time. You have been fitted, molded, and shaped to receive this hot new outpouring of My words. Say not that you cannot take it, for it is yours to drink. This is the reason I made you. Look not to the other team. Drink not from that which I give them; for to you it is given to drink from My mouth.

Many are being called

“(Jesus) My children of David have dropped their flag; they have forsaken My way, My calling to them. But I am again calling.”



“The Lamp”

The Word, the Word, the Word, haven’t you heard that before? Yes the secret is the Word.





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“A part of a message to me, when Jesus was helping me to have the faith to believe again, and read again, all the Word given to us in the Family; one of the things emphasized was getting me to embrace the reality of the angelic and spirit help, and the importance of working with them.” love K.

Jesus speaking:

I will give you eight reasons why you don’t want to miss this chance to take the leap back into the pool of My wild Words:

1.) Think of the souls that will be lost. Remember you see only part of the picture. Earthlings like to think they can see the whole thing -everything there is to see. But in reality only a very small bit of the picture is viewable by them. Everything has been planned and prepared for, but if you turn away and don’t get with the vision, people and plans are lost. It’s a grievous thing. Seek with tears to do your Masters will, so that as many can be saved as possible.

2.) Pride cannot linger and thrive when you reach past the carnal and temporal realm. You are showing your need for divine assistance. To stay in your realm only and think all is and will be fine is terribly proud and will be your demise. You are not realizing that it is taking in the spirit world that keeps and makes things so. Instead, reach out – desperately, enthusiastically, even over zealously, in humility, to Me and what I have for you in the Spiritual realm. This step will ensure you keep pride in check -a vital thing to success and sanity.

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8 reasons

“If you don’t stir to change, I can assure you, nothing will work out that was meant to work out for you. It’s all in how you treat My Word. My Word is Me.”



“An Elegy”

A heart cry from Jesus to His bride.





oh… the carnal mind!

“There are so many who have been sent strong delusion. This is a dangerous time to reject my truth. The slippery slope is very steep. Those who actually reject my truth in their minds are immediately infiltrated by the enemy’s doubts and lies. The enemy makes his thoughts seem so reasonable because they appeal to the carnal mind. But what people forget is that the carnal mind is enmity against Me. So those who listen to it will drift away from Me and lose sight of the true reality. This is happening in the world at a rapid rate, but it is an attack that the enemy tries on you and your children as well. So you have a double battle. You must fight to wake up those out in the world and you must also fight to keep a hold of that heavenly vision. The enemy is so tricky, he attacks at the very foundation and source of strength -My Word. He knows if he can get you to neglect the Word, then his job will be easy. Your defenses will be down and you will be wide open to his attacks. You are doing well to expose this attack. When you bring it into the open, then everyone sees that it is an attack, not simply something that is happening to them alone. Your openness and unity will become a great strength and will foil many attacks before they can do too much damage.” (prophecy)

 The slippery slope


The enemy makes his thoughts seem so reasonable because they appeal to the carnal mind.



The enemy is so tricky, he attacks at the very foundation and source of strength–My Word



Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992”