“I’ll tell you what the hell lethargy is—Lethargy has deadened many within My church. The world has been under his spell since the beginning. Many misunderstand this demon. His mission is to cast a blanket of spiritual laziness over the souls of men. He works with other demons to distract and lull to sleep the masses. Prosperity is one of his favorite tools, which he uses against My church children with great success.”  

“The very nature of lethargy, keeps you from taking note of it. It seems like a small thing, and there are so many other much more pressing matters to tend to, so you ignore it‚ thinking it’ll go away or be resolved in time. But it doesn’t just go away, because you’ve forgotten the law of spiritual progress: ” Jesus speaking

 “You’re not alarmed when a day goes by without your having spent time in My Word or seeking My voice and counsel in prophecy. And then another day goes by, and another. You eke out a little time in the spirit each day with a small prayer here, a little devotions there, a quick praise time here, a few words of love to Me there, as if these could appease Me like sacrifices to some god, lest your conscience overtake you for forsaking Me fully.” What the hell is Lethargy

“If you don’t keep on getting‚ you’ll lose what you’ve got. If you don’t keep striving for victories‚ striving to move forward, striving to follow closely along the path that I’m leading, you begin to fall behind—and not only fall behind, but slide back. Those are the principles of spiritual physics at work‚ as sure and as definable as the rules of physics that govern your physical world. You ignore them at your own peril.” (End of message from Jesus)


“Lethargy It’s hellish and wants to make your life hell too! The Enemy relentlessly fights the importance of My Word, the power of My Word. He uses familiarity, for he knows this is a trick easily accepted by many.”

Battle Field of our mind

“Evil never surrenders its hold without a sore fight. We never pass into any spiritual inheritance through the delightful exercises of a picnic, but always through the grim contentions of the battle field. It is so in the secret realm of the soul. Every faculty which wins its spiritual freedom does so at the price of blood. Apollyon is not put to flight by a courteous request; he straddles across the full breadth of the way, and our progress has to be registered in blood and tears. This we must remember or we shall add to all the other burdens of life the gall of misinterpretation. We are not “born again” into soft and protected nurseries, but in the open country where we suck strength from the very terror of the tempest. “We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.”
–Dr. J. H. Jowett

Lethargy has taken its toll

A vast army gone aWOL



“Lethargy is a strange and ominous creature. It seeks to creep into your midst unawares, often little by little, building up slowly and over a period of time.”


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