A deeper look at pride (prophecy)

“Pride makes you think you are in control. It is an illusion of course. You are not in control at all; your pride is. Pride will take you places you’ll wish you’d never gone. Yet, pride being what it is, will drive you. You, in fact, become powerless to it. In effect, you become its slave.

The whole world is motivated by the spirit of pride. Pride is behind taking the vaccine. Fear is too, and by mixing these two deadly cocktails Satan has concocted a powerful brew that few can resist. In fact, only the Word of God has the power to resist this lethal injection of pride and fear. But again, you must yield to the Word; you must lay down your will and allow the Word to take the reins of your heart.

Pride and fear are Satan’s words, words he uses to force and mercilessly control the will of man. He entices man to take the potion called “Master of his own fate“, but once taken, it begins to erode free will as it focuses on the prize…majesty of choice.  God’s Word, on the other hand, isn’t seeking dominance over either our will or our freedom to choose. It wants to work with these elements to create good. Both free will and majesty of choice were given by God in a type of open-ended arrangement. In other words, you choose who or what you allow into that open ended tunnel of God’s will.

Yes, the choice is yours to choose good or evil, pride or humility. As you choose God’s way, He will come in and take control of only what you yield to Him. Satan operates in a similar manner, up to a point. He entices his prey by deceiving them with the notion that they are in control as they walk down his road. However, there is a point of no return that he hides from unsuspecting man. Once that point is reached, the deceiver begins to snatch and grab and force. All the time, his power over you grows, and as his dominion increases, he is draining away the choice God gave you over your will and soul.

God, on the other hand, will only take what is given to him by you. He will not deceive. He plays by the rules. The trick the Devil uses to entice man is a simple one. He creates the illusion that there is a third choice; he calls it your choice, or the middle road. It’s the same trick he used on all the angels. “Why yield to God and be a vessel of His will when you can actually have your own will? After all, didn’t God give you that gift in the first place?” The master of subterfuge covers the reality from man, but the truth is before our eyes almost constantly; day and night, good and evil, right and wrong. You see, in our present reality there are only two colors. All the other colors are gifts from a loving God who, like us, loves variety and freedom of choice. In reality, there are only two choices: God or the Devil.

Satan traps you with the lie that you can become as god and never die, so you follow the path of your own will, the “third choice.”  But… in time it somehow melds or morphs into his, Satan’s path, and you find yourself back to the present two-path reality.

In truth, there is only one choice, God. He is the beginning and the end, He is eternity; He is in everything and in the end the devil and his path will diminish into a dead end.

The Heavenly city is a good example of this one-path concept; there is no darkness there, only light. All is light; there is no death there either, all is pure and good. The devil is allowed to exist as our teacher. He is teaching us the wisdom of yielding to God’s will. One day Satan will not exist in the form he presently holds. By then man will be on the road to true enlightenment; he will have learned to happily choose the will of the Father of Lights. How long will this take? Well, according to what we understand from the Bible, at least another 1,000 years. How things will work after that period is a little hazy, those higher ideals disappear into the mists of the future. What is our part in all of this? To learn  –that we may teach future generations who will not have the benefits the negative teacher brought into all our lives.”

One Choice

“In truth, reality teaches you that there is, in fact, only one choice, God. He is the beginning and the end. He is eternity; He is in everything. In the end the Devil and his path will diminish into a dead end.”



Mind Wars

It is a warfare over our minds. That is where the victory is won or lost. The war is waged to win the mind and then the heart of man.





A prophecy

Above all reasons, it is Love, My beautiful brides. Love is the key to understanding My motivation for My first coming to earth and also My return. Love permeates all My Words and doings. My Words, the Word of God, is the Light that all must follow.

Just as it was important for Me to know the time of My death, so it is important to Me that you know of My coming to save man from his own folly. Let Me explain something at this point that should help you look at the whole (donut) instead of this small part (hole). My whole motivation for coming to earth in the first place was born out of My Father’s love for His creation, you. You and My Father and I are all One. As my bride, I have said that even if there was only one person on earth, you, for example, I would still have come and died. Why is that? Because true love, real love, doesn’t look at the circumstances, true love is spiritual. It is not motivated by things it can see and feel: it goes by faith, faith in what? Faith in the Father’s will…Love. God is love. He is Love and everything He does and says is about Love, so doesn’t it make sense that if you were to follow something, a concept, some ideal, then His Love would be a good one? This may sound base, but what is the alternative? Self…following self or some other man’s self. If I was to ask you what is more important; flesh or spirit, you would immediately say spirit. John 6:63. Life on earth isn’t about the flesh or the things of the flesh, but it is about what the spirit learns through what the spirit experiences whilst in the flesh.

The Word is the great teacher; it is also the great examiner. It is more about being a doer of My Word than understanding My Word. It’s more about being motivated out of love for My Word than looking for some immediate or long-term result –obeying for the Word’s sake and no other reason.

I am coming back, that is in My Word.  I have told you in a general, roundabout sort of way what things would look like when My time to return was close. Did you know that My Father expected the very same from Me? It wasn’t until very late in the game that I knew of the date of My death; I talked to you about a 3-year period a number of times in the Bible. I made it obvious that I knew then when My time was nigh; but remember, by that time I was around 30 years old. Up until that time, I was pretty much in the dark as to the time and details. Do you remember My testimony, the one I gave in the Rise Above letter?  There I said I had a vision of My body hanging on the cross. During My time in the wilderness before My ministry began and all throughout those last few years of My life there, My Father was filling in the details of when, how and where. This is My  promise to you;  I will do the same for those that love Me, those that truly love Me, not those that say they do but do not what I say but instead go about their own lives and programs. I will fill in the details as you and the world get closer to the time of My return, I promise.

The new millennium is very soon to come. All that I have said in My Word will come to pass. But I am not going to begin this new start-up project with unmotivated people; and by motivated, I don’t mean some highly-motivated executive that can work day and night, forsaking all spiritual values to get the job done. I will start this new project with My family, yes, and not the flesh-and-blood type, but My spiritual family. Those that have been tried and proven in the fires of God’s Love, just as I was tried and proven during My days on earth. Nothing but pure gold will do, pure gold can go into the fires of testing a thousand times a thousand and still come out pure, yea even more pure. I will start the new millennial project with those that have God’s love running through every fiber of their being. I’m not looking for success stories; the world is full of those types. I am looking for Lovers of God, and that begins with loving My Word above all.  Put the things of this world aside and focusing on what My Word says:  the Word you personally have been given says that the Words of David are My will for you; the Words of David say that the Words of Maria are My will for you, and the Words of Maria say that the new weapons are your future, our future, the future for this world. The Word is the leader and we are going to follow the Word into this new start-up called the Millennial Kingdom of God. How will I know that you are My family? How will you know that you are one of My brides? By proving that My will, God’s will, is more important that your own; just as I proved to My Father, over and over again, that His will was more important than My own will, My own thoughts, My own opinions, My own ideas and ways I thought it should be done.

If you read and re-read the Words of David and Maria and the Bible, a thousand times over you will find that this message is embedded there. The lessons point to this love; the mistakes prove that this Love is what was missing; the success stories show that this Love was there. And as I have said many times, I am not looking for success but faithfulness. I was faithful unto death. Even though the whole thing looked like a shambles and a failure, I remained faithful to My Father’s will. I was saying to the world and to you, that no matter what, I believed that what My Father was telling Me to do was truth. It may have looked like obedience to a cause, but both He and I knew that My obedience was born out of love. And I will one day tell the world that your obedience was born out of love also, and although you fell many times, out of love you got up again and kept going, kept obeying and kept on loving Me.

Millennium and Love

“It’s more about being motivated out of love for My Word than looking for some immediate or long-term result –obeying for the Word’s sake and no other reason. Did you know that My Father expected the very same from Me?”



“Happy End Of The World”

It is closer than you think. Whilst man is preparing to live life under the mark of the beast, God’s children are preparing for the happy end of Satan and his rule on earth.



 “the word or The World”

NEW FROM YOU!! A series of bite sized prophecies that touch on a multitude of interesting subjects. These downloadable PDF prophecy files were sent in to MB from our different readers.





Jesus Speaking

“When the leper was aching so desperately for a touch, for affection, for acceptance, I touched him. It crossed the boundaries of “right” for a human, living on Earth, with the troubles that come to humans if doing the same thing.

The Son of God can do these things—for that man, for you, for anyone. People could not withstand the evil destruction of leprosy. But I, with God’s power while in a human form, could not only give the needed healing, but give the needed touch of love to the most disdained soul, stuck in affliction.

I don’t have boundaries for the sincere seekers. Only those who want to use Me as a way of getting what they want out of life—like praying for selfish wishes that have nothing to do with our ongoing relationship and the needs of My heart. I don’t satisfy those—but that too is love, because then they will seek out a better way to My heart…and find Me. Their being left without, will show them the way to a closer relationship with Me.

To say you’ll love and praise and worship Me in one way, and not another, doesn’t make you more “righteous” or more loved, really. It’s all about what each person personally needs to make their faith in My reality grow to such heights that nothing and no one can topple it, or top it.”

the leper



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