He’s coming soon

“You are of the house of David, the house of faith. You are being trained to stand with Me, as part of My government, a government that will rule not only this earth, but all of creation. (I saw a vision of Jesus standing on a high mountain, much like the one illustrated in the Revelation 21 video.  He swept his hand outward at the heavens and the planets and stars and solar systems and galaxies as He spoke these Words.) Earth is My footstool. I call it a footstool because it is where I will place My City of Light, My home, a place of rest and recreation, a place where I can put My feet up whilst all My wives and children gather about Me for fellowship and enjoyment. It will be a place of great peace and learning; it will be the center of the world. You, My brides, will be My ambassadors; always on call, always ready to go, to do, to be My representatives to all creation. Wherever you go, you will be sent by Me as My messengers. You will herald My coming; you will prepare the hearts and minds of those who will be receiving Me. I will not just sweep in unannounced, not even as a babe did I come unannounced to earth. That was an official visit that took much preparation of hearts and minds of many people. Yes, sometimes I come incognito, dressed in garb that hides My true glory and identity, but when I send you, My ambassadors, then everyone will know I am on an official visit. You will make sure everything is in place, and that all in that city or planet or solar system know that the King of kings is visiting their kingdom. This will be only one of your responsibilities.

For now, My loves, earth is your training school, your academy. It is My officers training school; it is open for admission anytime, for anyone whom I have called. However, not many desire to enter this school. Many know it is here in the spiritual realm, yet so many choose not to register. There are others also that know it is here, those that despise what is happening here. These are full of jealousy and hatred toward you and the choices you have made. These are those that felt cheated at the time the plans for this school were unveiled, and allowed pride and envy to creep into their hearts . These are those that were called to remain as servants within My Kingdom. Nonetheless, everyone must pass through the course of servitude –everyone. And no one, not even I your King, skipped this course. Angels, men –all creation must pass the course, for true happiness only comes through being a servant of all. Did not I say I am a servant of all? Yes, a life of service to others is the alabaster box of fine ointment that makes those who break the box smell so good, and as its aroma is released, it permeates the world around those box breakers. Break the box and let the golden elixir of humility pervade the lives of others. Eventually the whole world will be saturated.

The jealous ones fight a hopeless fight; love always wins in the end. These ones will either yield to this great order or be consumed by their own pride. I have told you before that you are now fighting these ones for the sake of the Kingdom to come. You, My children, the rulers to come, are fighting for your subjects. You are fighting the jealous ones, their jealousy has no reason. They are bound by pride and hatred and their intent is to destroy all My plans, and not only My plans, but the earth itself and all who dwell upon it. Only I can save the garden of God, and I will, but you must do your part to win those who are lost before My return, those wandering ones lost in the desert of sin,. Announce My arrival; this is your commission as My ambassadors. Tell the world of My soon arrival. Prepare the hearts of all, both good and evil, for the soon coming of the King of kings.”


“The Lord wants to use the Family to be witnesses of His Law of Love to the world, because in so doing, He’s paving the way for the world of tomorrow when He returns to rule the world by His Law of Love.” David Berg






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