Prophecy: the cause of Jesus

“Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white all ready for harvest. The harvest needs bringing in; the time is now. There is much work to be done, and you can work as a team to bring in the souls to the Father’s house. But it isn’t wise to get too busy thinking about how to make yourselves more comfortable, and you’ll miss the point of being here. Trust that I know My game plan and who to place where.

Is it all about how nice you can feel about yourselves? Or is it about the lost that are perishing and will not get in before the storm hits?

I see that in your heart you are wishing to help, but you don’t always know what this means. The first place to look is to My Word. Are you doing what it says a disciple is to do? If you were asked to state in a few sentences what a “follower of Jesus” is expected to be or will be expected to do, what would you say? That’s a good place to start.

Once you know the requirements, then broaden your view to see how you are to play this out in the real world around you. Things are tightening up more and more, and there isn’t the chance to do what you wish you could. But do look around, and see how you can do more with less. More witnessing with less time and opportunity. Try to do the best you can.

The thought shouldn’t be: Did I have as nice a week as I could?

But: “Did I give all I could and more for the cause of Jesus this week? What did I give up so that others could come to know Him?”

For each person around the globe it will be different things at different times. But what is “your best”? Are you doing it? Are you more uncomfortable this week in some way, so that more people can be touched with the truth? If so, that is good. Try to make God smile, more than yourself.

What did you give up for Me this week? If you forsake loved ones so others can be reached, I will reward it greatly.”

the cause of Jesus

“Did I give all I could and more for the cause of Jesus this week? What did I give up so that others could come to know Him?”



‘You Begin The Charge”

“I send My prophets out into the world at this time of deep, deep darkness. The hand that tries to hold down will burn as the white hot Word of God pierces the blanket that is trying to suffocate this world. As a razor heated a thousand times over, My Word will set on fire any attempt of the evil one to smother.”





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