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June 20th…Correspondence from a missionary in Europe: “Amazing how many family members are taking the vaccination, even old-timers that I never thought would do it. The governments around Europe are pushing a lot for people to get this vaccination. Here, in one month  I twice received an invitation to get vaccinated. Most of my so-called friend/relatives/ siblings are being vaccinated. They just blindly follow whatever the government say to do without questions.”
Much love,  J

Jesus speaking:

“You are My chosen conduit, My pipe to the nation that was once called My Family, but is now called My Gideon’s Band. I have another name for you, but that name is reserved for the heavenly realm. My new nation, those called out from the old, is what I call you now. Come out from them and be ye separate. This is My call to the elite church at the end of time. Once you have called to My family, those very Words that were for them will I use to reap a mighty harvest among the lost, those of My children in the world, those duped by the false prophets and pastors. Decrepit works of man are they, products of their own lusts and desires to be someone great in the eyes of the people. But My true prophets of God are as nothing in their eyes, for they are blind to the true riches of God. They despise My Word yet turn it into smooth words, as butter and a luxurious thing to cover their nakedness and shame — lying wonders created by a generation that is full of deceit and falsehood.

Come My loves, My true church, My virgins, those that are called out of season to be what others despised. This is your day; this is your hour. Take up the Keys of My Kingdom and open the portals. Open them all; for what is behind these blue doors are riches beyond the comprehension of man and his carnal-minded madness. Patience has become your virtue. The Keys have transformed you from lumps of clay into the sons of My Father. And those sons have been called to sit with Me in My throne, as My very own handmaidens, lovers and brides. Do not despise these beginning days. Put off those sins that beset you, those lying vanities of Satan, and put on those spiritual crowns that will one day become the light of My love for you who loved not your lives unto death.”

“Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel, to give them warning.”



You Begin This Charge

“Have you lost the zeal and enthusiasm for witnessing? Claim the keys of witnessing, pray for a renewed love for the lost, and you will have a change of perspective and a renewed vision.”





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