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As We Head into the Cyclone

Submitted by David (21)


An Elerian Angel

“…is a guardian of your personal revolution, your guardian, your keeper, your inspiration at this time when so much is changing. They hold a  book in their hand; it is the Word of God. This book gives them the power to do the miracles they will do for you and through you at this time.
While outwardly appearing to be that of a white stallion, they are, in fact, angels of great power. They have come that your soul might have joy abundant. They are here to make your life for Jesus worthwhile and filled with excitement. They are a spirit of freedom–freedom in the spirit; freedom to be liberated from the shackles of the old ways; freedom to take on the new garments Jesus is giving you, the garments of unity‚ humility, and greater faith.”

(New Spirit World Power! [#3522])


A Blue angel

“Blue Angels are the keepers of the power sources of heaven. They are a branch of My mind and My power. They are many, yet they are one, and their sole focus is to protect the power of God. At My command they released the fire of Heaven’s energy source upon each of you, giving you direct connection and access to all the power of Heaven.”

Podcast “More on the Keys”


Personal prophecy from Gale Elerian

“It is indeed the time to learn of me. It is the time to mount up on the winds of freedom! – Freedom from self, freedom from the fear of man. It’s time to break out of that mold you’re in and be set at liberty to fly into the coming storm! Come, sit up front, and Azoria (Blue Angel) will take the back so that she can whisper in your ear and instruct you in how to fly me. It is not that any of your Blue Angels are stepping back. They’re still right here; it’s just that this has become a joint teaching effort now so that things can move along faster. Take hold of my mane. In it flows the golden fluid of the Keys, and as you grasp ahold of this Embodied Freedom, the Key liquid will surge through your body like adrenaline, causing you to do things you would not “normally” do as your old self! Now set your eyes forward, ever forward—for without a vision the people perish—and look to Mount Zion, for that is where this freedom dash will carry us, straight through Tribulation Cyclone and out the other side onto the shores of Eternity! This is the last outpouring of this Age. This is the final torrent of God’s raw Spirit of Freedom. We want to help you get prepared for what’s coming. You have to throw off the old and outdated. You need to be led of the Lord moment by moment. You cannot cower any longer in the face of the things you fear. You must stand up and fight for your freedom! It’s not a works trip, for freedom of the spirit comes with being filled by the Spirit. So it’s a fight in the spirit, a fight against pride and selfishness. It’s a battle of putting down your pride, for only the humble are free.

We will tell you what to do. Many of the things we will tell you to do will be hard and humbling, but that is good because freedom comes to the humble. But don’t worry, You’ll be amazed at the progress we will make, at the speed in which the Spirit will make all things new in you; for the time of the End is at hand. We are running out of time, so the Lord is picking up the pace now. Those who are quick to obey will fly into the future with us, but those who are hesitant…will be found wanting in the coming days. All it takes is yielding, that’s all it takes. It’s hard, but you just have to kill it and get it over with and out of the way, so that we can move ahead quickly. Time is running out. We need to be free so that Full Possession can come in unhindered. So listen. And above all, OBEY. And do it quickly, because time is ticking.”

(End of Prophecy)



You are accountable for their use. What will you do with this tremendous gift I have given you? Will you use the keys to unlock the doors and release the power? Will you draw on the power that is available to you? Will you claim My promises and put Me to the test? Are you willing, dedicated, and brave enough to move forward and go through the doors of the unexplained? Are you willing to face your greatest fears and walk through them, and watch as they dissolve into a fading vapor?