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I admire the intercessor who, like a bulldog, bites something and refuses to let go, no matter what. Be a wise bulldog, of course‚ and be sure you’re biting the right thing, but then remember that often the victory goes not to the strongest or to the fastest, and certainly not to the greatest, but to the last: to the one who never gives up.

“What do you need? What do you want? The power of Heaven is yours to command, and there are no impossibilities for you, so don’t be afraid to ask! And if you don’t know what you need, call on My Spirit to pray for you and through you, to bring about My answers and solutions.”


“I introduce Challenger. He is a powerful, anointed helper, who was personally trained by Me, and he will train you in the art of prayer warfare. Because prayer is one of your most powerful spiritual weapons, his influence in training you to be the prayer warrior that you want and need to be–and to therefore smash any attacks of the Enemy and bring victory, answers, open doors, miracles, anything and everything that I want to send–makes him of major importance to the Children of David. The Enemy and his demons oppose prayer. Although Satan has underlings who attack your prayer life, such as Lethargy, Apotheon, Pan, Pride, Prycore, and others, Satan is the spirit of pride itself and is responsible for all attacks on prayer. Satan wants you to work in the arm of the flesh, while Challenger will train you to be more effective through the use of the power of prayer. It’s the war of flesh versus spirit, Satan versus Me. When you pray, you are opening the way for Me to work. You are working through the anointing and power of My Spirit, and everything that I do is always better than anything that you can do. Satan tries to persuade you to do it yourself, to take care of things yourself, and he is always telling you that you don’t have time to pray. But everything is less effective, less anointed, even prone to mistakes and failure‚ through the Enemy’s way of operating in the arm of the flesh. Call on Challenger the moment you suspect that the Enemy is getting through to you with his “arm of the flesh” tactics. Then Challenger will rally your spirit to fight with whatever type of prayer is needed–proactive prayers, praise prayers, importunate prayers, even godly curses upon your enemies. Challenger will motivate you and teach you to use the vehicle of prayer to work in the power of My Spirit. He will remind you to make prayer your first reaction and an unbreakable way of operating. When you call on him, he will act as a prayer companion and trainer, someone who will convict and inspire and teach you how to be an excellent prayer warrior–which includes proactive prayers for yourself and personal situations‚ and intercessory prayers for others, as well as prayers of worship and praise to Me that will deepen our relationship and inspire your heart. He is ready to help anyone who calls on him for assistance in any area of their prayer life. You can call on Challenger by name, and he will train and guide you in your prayer life. He will inform you of the dos and don’ts that will make you more effective as a prayer warrior–down to the details of your schedule, how to make the best use of your prayer tools, and most important, give you the vision for the absolute importance of prayer. Call on him and he will train you by whispering his thoughts to you through the Word you read, or during your times of meditation and reflection, or during your prayer time. He will also give you his personal counsel in prophecy, if you have questions that you want to ask him. He and I will teach you to be excellent prayer warriors for your own sakes, for the sheep’s sake, as well as for the sake of My work and the success of the Children of David’s future.”


“When you’re praying in faith and standing on that faith, you don’t even consider other possibilities. There is no Plan B, only Plan A–counting on Me, the Alpha and Omega.”

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Don’t just pray–live and breathe prayer! Let it flow through you as naturally and automatically as your heart beats and your lungs breathe. Only then can you truly discover the secret, dynamic, full power of prayer.


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