The humility of the Blue Keys will give you the true strength that conquers the world.

(Jesus speaking:) “Diamonds are very special, and for you to gain these diamonds on your key is a symbol of love and utter sacrifice of your own will. Diamonds in the Heavenly realm can stand for submission, like David’s revelation about the diamonds of dust. To shine like a diamond, you have to be humble, because you have no light of your own. The proud are filled with dirt, and no light can reflect from their surface. So whenever you have to humble yourself, and it hurts to do so, remember the diamonds and remember that others want to see My light. For them to see it, the dirt has to be washed from you, and only the crushing and chipping of your pride can ever allow the light to be seen. 

I need you to hand over the keys that can unlock the door; I need the key of your majesty of choice. Here on earth, you will have to give it to Me many times, but if you fight hard and keep giving it to Me, I will meet you in Heaven. I will keep you close to Me in ways that you wouldn’t dream of. I will keep you close like a precious treasure.  I’ll keep you in My pocket, and you will be My special thing that I use at My pleasure for whatever I want. You will be used by Me, and you will fulfill that for which you were created. If I need something to reflect My light, I can use you, as one of the transparent beings –a whole other class of spirits. Who are these? you ask. These are the transparent ones who gave and gave till all they have left is a form to reflect His light. You can seem far away from the goal…but darling, keep using your Blue Angel and the Blue Key and let the “you”, you know, be erased.


As you claim the Blue Keys and hold Me accountable for the outcome, as you put your feet on them and go to the Judge and request that true justice be made, these words will be done! When you realize that you have this power and authority in your hands and go to the Bank of Heaven asking to get what is yours by right and don’t leave My presence until you have gotten what you came for, then I will bless thee. Then is when you will see with your eyes what you believed by blind faith.

USED Inserting the Blue Key

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Blue Key

“Look up at the beautiful blue sky. Doesn’t it make you think of God? That is what we are. We are nothing but something to point to Him. This color is the color of complete submission, because there is nothing in us but His power.”


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