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“THE WATCH”–MO October 8, 1972 NO.186A–GP

  1. (MO sees a huge old ornate gold pocket watch on a heavy gold chain with a leather fob and emblem:) Give us joy in our labors and glory in our tasks, Lord, strength for the wheel as we put our shoulders to it, to cause the other wheels to turn. Except this big wheel turns, Lord, none of the little wheels can turn. We’re all cogged (COG) together. So help this big wheel to turn so the little wheels can hum! I guess I’m the Main Spring! MB: Jesus has pulled out His old, faithful pocket watch a few hours before the End and has wound it up. Now it’s humming again. Our main spring, David, isn’t dead; he’s right here with us speaking and directing as if he never left. But now that TFI has thrown these “Jewels” away by removing some of them from the watch, how can the watch work properly? How can it tell the correct time? Aren’t you glad that Jesus showed you to hold on to the old, original pocket watch with all its little jewels in place? “As you can see, it is working just as well as ever, and in fact, better than ever.
  1. I’m the Spring!–The Lord’s the One that winds it! The Spring causes all the wheels to turn, yet if these big wheels, like this balance wheel, turn not, then everything stops. Jesus, help Lord! If the Spring can’t turn this wheel, then none of the wheels will turn properly, and this one keeps them in tune and in time and well-balanced and running smoothly,–so that our face and hands can tell the time to the nations, to show them what time it is, as a sign. We are the time-keepers of this world, and all of Thy operations are geared to us, Lord! MB: And that has not changed; we are still His and He has cleaned the face of the watch, polished it up with a little purging and is now using it to tell others what time it is in 2022. The Watch has come back to life at the time of the End. Just as the Cathars said they would return at the time of the End, so has The Watch been cleaned, wound up and is now telling everyone that will listen what is happening.
  1. Thank you for the precious things Thou hast given us–the case of gold and the little jewels upon which these wheels pivot, and the little bearings upon which these wheels rest and without which they could not turn–all these little secretaries, workers, etc., so unseen behind the works–behind the face, behind the scenes,–and yet without them the wheels could not turn, without these smooth jewels who are the bearings, these precious jewels–secretaries, provisioners, PR men, greeters, cooks,–all the little tiny hidden parts that make it run, without which any missing part would hinder! Thank you Jesus! MB: Can you imagine a watch with some, or all of its jewels missing? I really don’t know what the old guard were thinking.  
  1. Whether they like it or not, the world can hear us tick, and they may think we conceal things, like the face of the clock conceals the works behind the scenes, but we can stand inspection, Lord, and they can hear us tick! They know we’re running! We’re not dead and silent like the churches! And the hands move, they don’t stand still! They haven’t stopped a hundred or two hundred years ago, but they’re still telling time–telling the world what time it is, still prophesying, still voicing! MB: There you go; “they” may not like it, but we are still ticking away as well as ever, now that we’ve been cleaned and oiled. Although we may have been in His pocket for some time, we are out again, in His precious hand, doing what we do best…Time Telling! We aren’t dead like the churches, or like those who wanted to throw these jewels away. And although it seemed that the watch went back into His pocket for a while, it didn’t stop ticking away. Time didn’t stop. Some thought they’d never see the watch again, but lo and behold, here it is at the last late hour, warning all those sleepy-heads to wake up.
  1. Make all the little wheels turn in tune and in time, for all the machinery to hum smoothly. Thank You, Lord, for the oil of Thy Spirit that makes everything run smoothly and sweetly and quietly without friction! Matthew 25:1-10 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out. But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. 
  2. I’m nothing but a little Spring, Lord, that sets things in motion, pushes a little to get the wheels turning. We thank You, Lord, for how they keep going! Help us to thank Thee and praise Thee, not to weep for ourselves, but to weep for Thee and Thy work, Thy children, and get our eyes off ourselves.–To be sorry for ourselves is to be selfish and introspective and even to murmur! MB: Now isn’t that amazing? I was doing that very thing just yesterday. You can hear about it in our podcast called, “A Cave of Blue Diamonds”. Here is what Jesus said to me when I stopped complaining to listen to Him:

October 24, 2022…Now is not the Time

“Now is not the time to be running around doing things that make you feel you’re accomplishing something worthwhile, while in reality, you may not performing His highest will. Learning to sit still and find peace right where He has placed you is not easy for the likes of you. Yes, witnessing out on the highways and byways is generally His commission, but not always, not in every single situation is this the right thing to do. And yes, it is the Great Commission, but there is a higher commission than this one, and that is to obey His still small voice. Learn to sit still, My love; learn that the still small voice of God knows best, and right now He wants you to find peace in the midst of the storm. Yes, the storm is blowing out there, beyond your safe haven, and not only is it blowing, but it is increasing in tempo. Anything that is not tied down is in danger of blowing away to be dashed to pieces against…well, maybe you, if you are outside His perfect will, running around doing something good but not the best. Sit still and know that He is God, and that now it is His turn to be out there doing what this time and temperature requires.”

  1. Help us not to be sorry for ourselves, but to praise Thee for our blessings and thank Thee for how You’ve trusted us and we’ve trusted each other to do a good job, for we know we will. Help us to thank Thee for how much You trust us, and how much You’ve helped us to accomplish, how You’ve worked so mightily in the hearts of those we’ve dealt with in public and in the hearts of our staff! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
  1. Thank You for the golden case you’ve put us in–for Thy beautiful protection and provision! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord for the crystal of publicity that You’ve given Your message, through which the world can see us–TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, so many things through which the whole world views us, the crystal that makes our signs open to the public–the signs of the times–the movement of the hands! MB: Well Jesus is still doing this through us, in a much smaller way for sure, but we are on the net, both through the blog and through our videos, and that is just us, and there is you out there telling the world the truth, telling the world the real time. And those that want to listen will benefit and are benefiting, they hear the cry of those voices in the wilderness, calling them to come join them, saying…the night has fallen the midnight hour approaches, fill your lamps for the Bridegroom cometh!
  1. Nothing God does is without signification, and the hands of this large old ornate watch stood at a little after 3, And I thought: Well, now, what does that mean? Besides just being a sign to the world, they also tell us what the time is! The minute hand was actually in between three and six, nearly half past three, between the 20 and 25 minute marks. We really didn’t start telling the time until about 3-1/2 years ago! We didn’t really start getting out the message to the world till the Spring of 1969! MB: It’s 2022, the year Jesus led us underground. Three and a half years before 2021 is when He told us to give this country its last warning, around the middle of 2018. In 2018, Jesus gave us the following prophecy. It was a portend of what was coming and that has now transpired. Forgive me for this small detour, but just out of interest, the number 69 in numerology is a sex number because of the position of the 6 & 9. Isn’t Jesus funny? David and his children have certainly fulfilled that number. The six is us and Jesus is nine. And nine is six turned right side up, like man became complete in Jesus. Now for the prophecy.

February 3, 2018…Jesus Speaking.

The things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of My glory and grace. There is much I wish to tell you, My love, but you are not yet ready. My love is a wild wind, and it yearns to sweep the earth as a cleansing whirlwind of My fury, a cleansing fire. For the Devil’s filth has consumed the hearts of My children everywhere. There are few, oh so few, that understand the full consequence of what is come up on the earth. Your website is only the beginning; it is but a small breeze stirring the leaves on the forest floor –a hint of the storm that is coming, not strong at present, but different, a stronger than normal rustle of leaves in the treetops as the colors of autumn shade the surrounding hills and forests. Scattered clouds move across the face of the sky. You see them pass through the treetops as the winds shake the branches in warning of the coming winter. The air around you has changed. “Something is different,” they say. They pull their coats tighter around their shoulders as they pass on by, not yet aware of the significance. The light has also changed, so slightly but definitely. There is a chill in the air that wasn’t there before, or was it simply not brought to your attention sooner? The storms of winter will pick up strength in 2018, perceptibly. So will My voice in you and others also pick up strength to meet the intensity of the coming storms. It will increase with more violent gusts as the barometer of the End takes a sudden dip. The past few years has seen Europe and the Middle East experiencing these gusts. For it will come from the North, out of the North will come great confusion. It has not yet reached your land. People will sleep on, seemingly far removed from the stirring of the coming hurricane. Do not fear, My children, continue to prepare, for winter is coming. There will be a few days of calm here and there, but be not deceived; it is coming in its fury. Peace before the storm, that peace that often catches the unwary. Take the keys in hand; draw them close to your breast. Learn of their power and reveal them to others. Their glow will attract them. A stirring interest will be aroused into curiosity as to what exactly you are holding in your hands. You will be known as the holders of the keys: the watchmen. Rumors will spread with the coming gusts of winter. This will cause a greater interest in the keys, both positive and negative powers will begin to take form, and you will know more clearly where people stand. These whom you thought were friends will be less inclined towards you, and those you considered as distant and uninterested will begin to warm toward you. Do not try to discern these changes now, for I will make all evident in my time. Remember that I am the good shepherd and I stand on the hilltop and have been watching, waiting with My eye on both the weather and My flock as they graze below Me. My bellwethers have already been in preparation these past years, for they too watch and are now themselves looking to the North and at the same time keeping a close eye on Me. They do not fear. Although a little anxious sometimes, they do not fear, for they see Me standing strong up on the hilltop above them, staff in hand, eye on the coming darkness of winter. They know that I know when the time is right, when to move, when to call in My sheep to the fold. For winter is a time of leanness for those caught out in its fury. But those within My folds are kept warm and safe whilst the winter winds howl around them. Now is the time to send out My bellwethers of warning. Walk the highways and byways of the world, warning those who will listen. Those who heed not My bellwethers will face the very teeth of the snarling, ravenous beast. There are few words in English, My love, that can adequately describe the horrors that will transpire as the End approaches. Those who have passed through the terror of war, earthquake, disease and famine, never want to go that way again, for they understand the utter desperation and hopelessness of passing through a storm so violent that nothing can stand in its path. Persecutions will come, for there are many who hate the continual bell of warning. It is annoying to them. It disturbs their peace, their plans, and they will attempt to silence it. This is not your concern. You are to ring out the warning. Warn my sheep. It is for their sakes that I send you out. For he that is faithful unto the End shall save many.

  1. And then I wondered, Why Lord, if that’s the case–they’re always talking about midnight being the final hour:–If that’s the case, then midnight is less than nine hours away, or nine years from now, which would make it about 1980 or 1981! Then the answer came just as clear:-“That is not to be your Midnight but your Noon!–Midnight will come 12 hours after that!”–about 1993!--Just as the Lord seemed to indicate in other prophecies such as “Gypsies” and the “70 Years Prophecy”! Hallelujah!–’69 to ’93–24 years!–24 hours!–12 to 12 to 12!–And it’s now ’72–nearly half past three!--Glory! MB: Now we can see what Jesus was showing Thomas, (one of God’s little jewels) (Looking at the watch…If 1992 is 2022, then 1993 must be 2023. So Jesus “polished” His watch and reset the hands, to 11:30 pm, 2022. He has also shared with us a few other little secrets, like what we found in “40 Days and Nineveh Will be Destroyed” along with some personal prophecies, just to round off this “What if” revelation.

[If you go to the blog “Putin’s Proxy War with Israel”you will find a “What If” revelation, explaining the possibility of Jesus returning in April 2023. What came to our attention today is if you wind back the watch three and a half years from April 2023, you get October 2019, the time and year that Covid was first released in China.] If you are not sure what is significant about this statement, please listen to this podcast from Christine Beadsworth, “Divine Image Destroyed”.  



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  …And I thought, if 1992 is 2022, then it would follow that 1993 would be 2023!…Thomas


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