“So much has changed since the Reboot key clicked into its slot within the framework of the Final Key. My Children of David that decided to go on with Me using the Key of David had to be refitted. Some of the old wiring had to be ripped out before new wiring was installed. This took time; it also took a lot of faith. You look back on some of the Words of David and Maria and at times you see that old wiring, but the mistake you are making is that you don’t see it as old wiring. You see it as an important and necessary part of the life you lived. It worked then so why not now? Instead of analyzing the seeming glitch, and trying to make it fit in today’s world, instead come to Me with your questions and I will give you the schematics for My new wiring system.

I have said that all things change, and they do; it is true. Take a look at the Bible and you will see how many adjustments I’ve made over the centuries. Sometimes the rewiring has been very dramatic and relatively quick. Take, for example, the law/grace reboot, and that was just one. There have been many reboots throughout the history of My church, some big some small. Since the birth of My Endtime church till now there have been many “revolutions” and each revolution served to purge the old to make way for the new. My purpose for each revolution has always been the same, to purge and to make white the faith of My brides. The faith that is required for the days of tribulation must be unquestioning. My brides must exercise absolute faith in My living Word, in Me and in the Keys –in My living Word (prophecy), in Me (loving Me intimately) and the Keys (absolute faith in their power). How am I accomplishing this? –and I might add that I have never changed this method– by doing away with the old, rebooting it. In other words, the old organization (and you know of what I speak of here) was operating by the book, the law and and was in need of purging. Not the organization per se but the believers had to be released from the book that was freezing over.

I TOOK HER IN MY ARMS AND STARTED TRYING TO MAKE LOVE TO HER BUT SHE RESISTED and was reluctant and didn’t want to. That seemed to be the turning point of the whole thing, even though she’d given me the key to the safe deposit box and all that, she just wasn’t willing to go all the way. In that one thing she wasn’t willing to go all the way. She was reserving something, holding back in that one thing, and it finally really turned her into a closed book, a frozen book! Because then she finally backed out of everything and clammed up completely to just nothing but a hard, cold, closed, frozen book! Isn’t that a funny dream? (Frozen Book!, The [#0383])

Prophecy continues:

There is nothing wrong with the Words of David as long as you obey the spirit of the Word. It is the Words that are spirit; the flesh, the law is dead and will only freeze over in time. The Word and the Keys are one, and like the Keys the Word can only come to life if My brides live them. So just like every revolution, every reboot throughout the history of My church, there had to be a rebirth.  

Now as you and your children near the End, you must go back to the beginning, back to the freshness, the freedom of spirit, the total break with the world as there was in the beginning. There must be a purging, because the children of David must be kept free from the System and the influences of the world, which, if left unchecked, if allowed to continue as they now are, would destroy the Family.

If this work be of man, it will come to naught, but if this work be of God, no man can stand against it.  I have taken your David from you to prove unto all that this work is not of man, but is of Me.  David is gone from you in the flesh, yet his words live on in the spirit, for My Words are spirit and they are life.  My Words are this movement, and they live on in the hearts of those who will receive, obey and follow them.  They are golden seeds, and though they may lie dormant and buried, sometimes for long periods of time, yet each seed shall explode with the fruitfulness and the revolution that I have ordained, in My time, when exposed to the light of My love and the water of My Word. Therefore, seek not to quench the candle, or to tell it to burn this way or that way, for by your traditions ye can make the Word of God of none effect.

Prophecy continues:

To paraphrase the above quote from the Charter, “I have taken your Maria from you to prove unto all that this work is not of man, but is of Me.My new, Endtime church is a Gideon’s band that must follow the spirit of My living Word. I will continue to bring tests and trials into your lives in order to reach and maintain this objective. If you say you are Mine, then follow My Words for today, the Words of David are a stepping stone, solid and sure, just as the Words of Moses served as a stepping stone, a schoolmaster to Christ and faith, so do the Words of David serve to bring you to your destiny, your graduation day, your calling as Endtime prophets. If you are stuck in the old organization, the old way of doing things, then break away now. The spirit of the living God is calling you by name. Come now before it is too late. The Keys are the Key to the door to a total break from the old; pick them up call on their power and your new life will begin.

“The keys of the Kingdom can change your spirit, your mind, and your thoughts, so that you’re in My Spirit, using My mind, and thinking My thoughts. The more you call on the keys of total possession by Me, the more they will be activated, and the more you will experience the changes you desire.”




(Jesus: ) My precious ones, now is not the time to relax or to let down your guard. Don’t become complacent, knowing you possess the keys to unlock any door. For though they will unlock any door for you, you must learn the skill of turning the keys in the locks. You must learn which key opens which door. I will not hold back the approaching night of gross darkness much longer, so it is high time to realize and then release the power that I have placed within your hands and to practice with the keys. For in the darkness you will need to be masters of the keys. (ML #3349‚ GN 942)



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