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“As you enter the Time of the End in earnest and the Endtime scenarios start to befall you, you will see clearly how desperately you will need the keys of the Kingdom. You will not make a move without them. Right now, without having those very desperate situations always before you, you can’t always see how you can practice‚ but you do need to sharpen your skills in order to be ready for the Endtime game.”

Prophecy, July 20, 2022

July 20, 2022–Return of the Seven Keys

The Keys must be brought back into full-time service in your life now! Every promise that I have given in the Words of David concerning the Keys waits for that faithful one to activate through their belief in the reality of the Keys. If the Keys have been sitting unused for years they will still burst into life at your touch. “You have to be a receptacle of the power as well as a petitioner of it. The power comes from the keys and goes into you and then through you, to whatever it is that you’re praying for or claiming. The keys do the work, but they do need a vehicle to go through. So your focus and solid concentration provide a better vehicle for the power to be channeled through.”

You the vehicle, need to activate the Keys without delay, much time has passed since the days of the revelation of the Keys, and now that the days of the End are upon you, it is vital you pick up the Keys and begin using them in earnest. You have to use them and preach them and show them to others. Call on them now to give you the faith you need to start using them today. It is very late, a matter of months now before the real days of the end begin. Great tribulation is upon the world. The Keys were created for this time.  

“Today, you, My chosen of the Endtime, have volumes of My written Word, both new and old, and you have My voice at your beck and call through prophecy. If you are to avail yourselves of greater use of the keys, you must focus only on this. You must act on this power and be instant followers and doers of the Words I have spoken. And by this I don’t mean in part, but all the way. If you want all the power, you must go all the way.”

There is only one way, all doors have been shuttered and all avenues of escape are barred. The enemy of your souls has all but sewn up this world in his straight jacket. The people of this world are being spoon fed, and those that are stubborn and won’t open their mouths are being fed by drip. The Keys were given to you the Children of David for many reasons, but the one that is much needed now is the Key of escape, or the Key to the Wilderness, or if you will, the Key of Revelation 12:6. This Key will keep you out of that straight jacket, but if you do not step out by faith now and start using this Key then My hands are tied. I can help you a bit…sometimes, but it is truly; according to your faith that it will be  done unto you. Listen, believe and obey, the Keys must become a part of your very being, you must put on My mind, they must be apart of your spiritual brain, they Keys must be you, you must be fully possessed with the Keys in order to do the miracles to pass through these last few hours before My return.

You have to fight to focus. You can’t let your mind wander. You have to believe that the keys have the power that you’re seeking, and you must manifest your faith through believing and concentrating, and not letting anything else come into your mind, no doubts, worries, or thoughts like, “I wonder if the keys are really going to do their work and heal him or her?” Or, “What if they don’t work, and what if the situation doesn’t change?” You just have to determine to believe. Belief is vital to the keys working miracles for you.
You also have to be thankful and appreciative of the fact that you’ve been blessed with the power of the keys. You should be awed that you have such immense power at your disposal. You shouldn’t take the keys for granted or figure that you have a right to them or deserve them. They are a special blessing, and you should thank Me and treat the keys with reverence.
I’m not only giving My children the gift of the keys of the Kingdom‚ but also the gift of miracles, healing, and other special gifts. The keys of the Kingdom also play a role in the use of the other gifts I’m pouring out. If I’ve given you a gift, or you would like a gift or want to know if I’m calling you to reach out and receive a special gift from My hand, then you should also ask Me how to use the keys in conjunction with this gift.


The way to practice and prepare is to hold Me to My Word, to prove Me‚ to test the keys, to use them, to try them out, to challenge Me to work miracles through the keys. Ask Me to change a person’s heart and life, and claim the power of the keys. Claim it, pray for it, bring it to Me repeatedly–all using the power of the keys.

(Mysterious Keys, The – Part 3 [#3599-1])



And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

Prophecy, July 20, 2022…Believe in the Keys

Shun the world and refuse to talk the talk. You have to believe in something, then believe in the Keys, believe in My Word, don’t reject the only truth in this world today, your only salvation and the only portal open to those who wish to escape the “great confusion”, the lies, and half-truths, the sugar coated pill of deception that is passed out everyday in the media, which is then passed from mouth to ear throughout the world by those who have no faith other than in the system they slavishly follow.

Those of the world have been swept away by the flood of confusing lies. They not only believe this poisonous flood but they live it day in and day out. The lies are out to get you, to destroy your faith in Me and the Keys and My promises. The enemy desires that you My bride, be carried away of the flood. These lies bring great confusion of mind and heart. They destroy faith in anything, even in My creation, a lie is insidious and like cancer eats away at your belief system, your immune system of faith. Only Me, My Word and the Keys can counteract this malignant cancer. The lies are not only media fed, but the food you eat is in  sense a lie, it is not the real thing but rather GMO or chemical fed garbage that destroys and takes away life.

Feed on the Words of God, feed on faith, feed on Me and take the Keys into the very fiber of your being, into every cell, into your brains, heart and soul. This great confusion, this flood of lies, begins as a seeming tranquil pool, but the pool leads to a deadly waterfall that will smash and destroy those lulled and stupefied by the peace prophets, politicians, professors and pawns of Satan.

Stop My loves, turn around, swim against the current that is pulling all non-resisters to their death. Call on the Keys and start swimming for the shoreline of faith. Pull yourself out of those tepid waters of deception. The just, the Children of David, My true Children of faith must now, right now live by faith in Me, My Word and the Keys. If you ignore these Words, then I cannot help you, My hands are tied, I am bound by My Word.






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