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Therefore spend that time with Me each day. Spend that time with Me before you face the cares and duties of this world. Just as you wrap your arms around your loved one to kiss and caress and speak of love in the morning, so you must wrap your arms around Me and we must kiss and caress. You must let Me whisper My Words into your ears, and you must drink My Words into your heart, and you must be filled and filled and filled with My Words! For as you eat them, they strengthen you! As you suck on them and suck them into your heart, so they become part of you. They become part of your being if you digest them. They become you, and you become Me, and we become one for all to see!

For when they looked upon Peter and James and John and saw that they were ignorant and unlearned men, they marveled, because they knew they had been with Me. It reflected upon them and we were one. So it is with you. Suck My seeds, suck My seeds, suck My seeds! Swallow them and they become part of you. Eat them and they enter into you, and they strengthen you, and they become you, and you become Me, and we become one. And when they see you, they will see Me; and when they feel your love, they will feel My Love. This will give you more power in your witness, for it will not just be words, but it will be deeds. They will not just hear My voice, but they will see Me, because you are so filled with Me. So do not neglect time with Me in the quietness of My bedchamber. Do not neglect our sweet lovemaking. And do not forget to suck the seeds, to absorb into your very being the seeds of My Word, the seeds of David, the seeds that I have implanted in My children. For the seeds of David are the seeds of My Word, and these are the most powerful seeds on Earth! (Loving Jesus Pt 1)

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Stay By Me

 Take hold of the keys of boldness to proclaim My truth; grasp tightly the keys of revolution to remain separate from the world, and cling to the keys of commitment, which make you never want to be a part of the world and its ways.

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    1. Thank God for the Words of David…God bless you for following the Word…love from all at MB

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