vision of the plant of god’s word

Dream vision: submitted by Esteban

Jesus spoke to me this morning. As He was speaking, I could see what He was talking about. I call it a dream vision, because I was not completely asleep.

He told me: “I want to share with you a parable of the Root of the Word of God and the difference between the verses in the Bible and the New Wine and the promises of the Keys.

It is good that you memorize the promises of the keys and the New Wine. The old promises that are written in the Bible are the foundation that all My promises begin with. So My word in your heart is like a plant. The more you eat from My mouth and drink from the River of Life, the more that plant will grow into a great tree. It will never be thrown down and will be a protective home for many peoples and creatures.

The solid ground in which the plant of My word will be planted is your heart. If the ground receives the water of the Holy Spirit and My seeds of life, it will become a beautiful garden with all kinds of trees and bushes for the delight, feeding and well-being of many…to continue reading, go to full PDF version DOWNLOAD

the plant of god’s word


“If the plant didn’t have the foundation of the Bible, it wouldn’t have that strong root to keep it growing straight.”



Keys To The Kingdom

“Me, My Word and the Keys are one, together, we are your vital companions in this last days, don’t say a prayer with out the Keys.”