USED Blue Angel

Blue Angel Speaking:

“You have been presented with a Key, the beautiful Blue Key. It is unprecedented in its splendor. It glows with the power of the Blue Angels, and it was given at the time of your induction into our ranks as a novice. This Key, if used frequently, begins to embed itself into the user. It is the very power of God –His Word, and it gives access to the generators of power. We are the protectors of the generators, and it is we who give permission. It is we who are entrusted with the Key.”

This is the Blue Angel Key… therefore it is called by the name of the Blue Key. Of course, in Heavenly language it is different, but just know that this key bears our name. Look up at the beautiful blue sky… doesn’t it make you think of God? That is what we are. We are nothing but something to point to Him. This color is the color of complete submission, because there is nothing in us but His power. We’re empty, and this is the manifestation of being empty of self; thus we choose to be seen by you in this form. Upon our heads is His glorious golden light and running all throughout our beings is the power of God.

(Clear speaking:) Your instructions are simple, just keep using the keys, especially the Blue Key. It has to be shiny and hot with use. It will enhance our relationship and also the other keys will feel the power of the Blue Key as they do what they have been requested to do. As I told you, each key has a specific purpose, but the Blue Key is the enhancer of each specific key. By using the Blue Key, you are tapping into the power of the Blue Angels, which is not our power at all; the only power we have is our yieldedness to the will of Jesus.


“Come away with me. I will take you to a room where is hidden the rarest of all gifts, a treasure so costly that to possess it, you must strip away all that you hold dear in this world, even yourself, your mind, your heart and your will..”

Video…Return of the Keys

KEY PROMISE: “Call on the keys of instant assistance and you will experience the thoughts and power of the mind of Christ instantaneously.”



USED blue angel face     The Bride and the Blue Angel

USED Aquarian age     tapping into the Power of the Blue Angel


     Download “The Blue Key” compiled from “Blue and Gold”


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