USED Honeycomb


The Hebrew word for almond is shaqed, which comes from a root word shaqad, meaning ‘to watch, to remain, be on the alert, waken, hasten’. Those who remain are the remnant. The almond tree represents those who are watching for His return; those who are alert and awake while the rest of the Church sleeps, the forerunner remnant who remained awake in the dark night in case of enemy attack. It is this company that blossom first, resurrection life coursing through their veins while others sleep.

The menorah of the Holy Place has 22 almond blossoms altogether; 22 being the number of letters in the Hebrew alephbet from aleph to tav (Exod 25:31 – 33). With its central shaft and the six branches ending in almond-shaped cups to hold the oil for the light, it depicts, among other things, the light of the seven Spirits of God mentioned in Isaiah 11. In the season when dense darkness is upon the peoples, the remnant are having the seven Spirits of God imparted to them in the heavy latter rain. The rest of the church sleeps; branches bare and seemingly lifeless, devoid of the presence of God, but those who are awake and watching are arising and shining with the glory of the Lord and people are drawn to their light (Isaiah 60). The wolf is at the door with its teeth bared and growling, but the seven Spirits are visiting the ones watching and they are shining and leading many to righteousness. In times of darkness, people are drawn to true light and this company are those spoken of in Isaiah 32: Isaiah 32:2 And each one of them shall be like a hiding place from the wind and a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry place, like the shade of a great rock in a weary land [to those who turn to them]. Remember, the sound of the heavy latter rain is only heard after the prophets of Baal have been exposed as frauds (1 Kings 18:41). Perhaps their babble contributes to making the heavens like brass. Only once their voices have been silenced, does Elijah announce the coming of the heavy latter rain.

This connects to my vision of the earthenware statues smashed on the street corners. The Lord affirms and confirms those who truly carry the Spirit of Elijah and it is they who have ears to hear the sound that others cannot hear; the sound of the coming outpouring. And it is they who bring it to birth with their face between their knees, drawing it forth from the storehouses of the heavens. And it is this company; those who wait upon the Lord, that will outrun the Ahabs in their chariots and not be weary.

Blossoms Bring Fruit

A blossoming almond tree is a beautiful sight, but without pollination there will be no fruit, no matter how much life is in the veins of the branch. And this is where bees come in. The Hebrew word for ‘bee’ is ‘deborah, which comes from a root word ‘debar’, meaning ‘to speak, command, commune, declare’. It is the debar of God which pollinates the blossoms of this almond tree company with revelation, knowledge, counsel and wisdom. This is the season to live by every word God speaks, and not by the bread of man. In ‘The Book of Endtime Light’, I shared an experience I had where the Lord showed me the room where His ‘debar’ (or words) are stored. I would like to share just a small portion of that here as it connects to the pollination of the blossoms: “Come daughter. I want to show you something more”. We go down the same dark passageway past the treasure rooms and I am tempted to look in but He says, “Look not to the left or the right but straight ahead with fixed purpose. You do not want to get distracted”. We walk a long way down this passage and it slopes up and finally comes to an end wall. There is a very small square door at floor level and it is an azure color. He takes a key, unlocks it and slides it up like a hatch and honey flows slowly out. What is this room, Lord? “It is the room of Honey, where my debar is stored”. It must be huge, Lord. “No, it is 22 by 22, and contains all the letters I need to make up every word that proceeds from My mouth through all ages”. Why are you showing me this, Lord? I want you to stand in it. I step into the pool of honey and rainbow coloured light starts flowing up my legs to about knee level. Then they disappear. What happened to them, Lord? They have been absorbed into your being, daughter. The seven lamps before the throne have absorbed every word that has come forth from the mouth of God. They will minister to you what you need…” …The entrance of your word gives light, light to my feet and a lamp to my path.’ So the words that God speaks are formed in that room I was given the privilege of seeing. The measurements of the room, 22 x 22, symbolize the fullness of the 22 Hebrew letters which are depicted again in the 22 almond blossoms on the shaft and branches of the menorah. The seven Spirits of God are imparted through the mouth of God as His debar goes forth. Without the words that God speaks daily to us in our season of blossoming, those flowers will never be pollinated and form fruit. The flowers speak of the potential fruit that God desires to bring forth through your life but only time in His presence will result in the fruit being formed and brought to full ripeness.

24. FOR THOU, O DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH, CHILD OF THE KING, because of the faithfulness of thy Grandmother and because of her prayers unto Me, I HAVE MADE THEE TO BE LIKE UNTO THE ALMOND TREES ON THE HILL OF ZION THAT BLOSSOM UNTO ME, FOR THEY KNOW THAT IT IS SPRING AND THEY BEAR FRUIT UNTO ME–THAT BEAR BEAUTY AND FRAGRANCE UNTO ME, EVEN THOUGH THEY UNDERSTAND NOT. Even as thou which understandest not. For if thou wouldst have asked of Me, I would have given thee, but thou art dumb, and knowest not even what to ask!

25. (MO RAISES A HAND, AND TURNS IT SLOWLY OVER AND OVER, as though looking at it, even though his eyes are closed, and the Lord says: “The fingers of the wind!” The wind is whistling through the cracks in the window, and the Lord says:) HEAREST THOU THE WIND? IT WOULD SPEAK UNTO THEE if thou wouldst listen, but thou knowest not even the voice of the wind! How canst thou know the voice of the Lord thy God? It speaks many things, but thou comprehendest not, for thou understandest not even the voice of the wind, which moaneth for thee … moaneth for thee! Hearest thou the whirlwind! It comes from whence thou knowest not and goeth thence. Hearest thou its voice! Comprehendest thou that which is hid unto thee? It mourns for thee! It mourns for thee! It groans, and it weeps, and it waits for thy deliverance!

26. SLEEP NOW AND TAKE THY REST. THOU SHALT BE DELIVERED IN THAT TIME WHEN THOU DOST BELIEVE ALL THE WORDS THAT I HAVE SPOKEN. Thou believest, but thou dost not comprehend or understand, neither dost thou even ask. Therefore shall it not be given unto thee.

27. HAVE FAITH, O DAUGHTER! HAVE FAITH! Be thou not faithless, but believing. For it shall be performed unto thee all that I have promised. Nevertheless this day were opened unto thee the oracles of God, and thou art so simple thou knowest not even what to ask, like a little child that you must care for–the little child of the King that he must care for, and thou must care for him. For he, too, is My little child.

28. (MARIA: HE UNDERSTANDS, THOUGH.) He knows nothing but what I give him. I would have given unto thee also. but thou wouldst not even ask. Thou couldst even ask for him, but thou wouldst not. Sleep now and take thy rest.

29. (WHEN WE FIRST RECEIVED THIS REVELATION, WE DID NOT KNOW HOW SIGNIFICANT WAS THE COMPARISON OF THE ALMOND TREE TO US–all of you–as inferred by the Lord! But on further investigation, we discovered that it was used very prophetically in the Scriptures, its name in the Hebrew meaning “the Awakening One”! The oil cups of the Golden Candlestick in the Tabernacle symbolizing the Light of the Spirit were shaped like almond blossoms: When Aaron’s Rod budded they were almond blossoms, symbolizing his authority in a new awakening of life. When the Lord began His prophecies to Jeremiah 1:11 He symbolized the beginning of a New day with the branch of an Almond Tree. And in that last beautiful chapter of Ecclesiastes He says: “THE ALMOND TREE SHALL FLOURISH,” in the midst of the prediction of the Endtime and the horrors of the Last Days!

30. WE ARE THAT ALMOND TREE, according to this recent prophecy! (Para 24.) Like the Almond Tree, we symbolize the End of a cold, hard, Wintry era and the beginning of a beautiful new Spring-like Age of Awakening of the Spirit of Life after a period of spiritual deadness, unbelief, terror and death! We, the Children of God are the vessels of His Spirit lighting this Last Generation by the authority of the Life of God springing forth in us, His Almond Tree of Today!)

(Almond Tree, The [#0158])

“So shall I set about building and creating a new forest, a new work, and so shall I raise up the new saplings and those who are worthy to be called My disciples and who will love Me and desire Me and My Words and My light above all. So shall these little ones grow and flourish and prosper and be found faithful, with the fertile ground of My Word alone underneath them.”