“When you see 22, think of Me. Realize that you need to listen; you need to love Me. You need to stay in touch with the spirit world. That’s what 22 should mean to you. It’s a warning that something big has happened in 2022. This year has ended, and if you aren’t watching and listening you can think nothing much has happened. But that would be very carnal minded and even blind. You just have to look out at the news to see that everything is not “hunky dory” out in the world. But most importantly, if you look to Me, I can tell you what has happened in the world and in the spirit world. I can tell you that that special time of Tribulation has begun. I can tell you that you are already in your wilderness and that things are not the same anymore. It’s like it said in one of those GNs, those that step up into the spirit will get the benefits and have a closer connection and more power and intimacy, but those who do not will feel the loss more acutely. So be on guard and keep that desperation, that constant awareness of Me. Don’t fall into lethargy and complacency. It’s deadly. The sleeping gas of the wicked witch or the drowsiness of the enchanted lands are more deadly than the blows and sword of Apollyon. At least when you feel the blows and see it for what it is, you respond and you attack and fight back for your very life and survival and sanity. But the sleepy air of the enchanted land, the lethargy, blinds you to the real danger and puts you in a stupor so that you not only don’t recognize it as an attack but you don’t even want to make the effort to lift your sword arm. When you are in that state everything seems normal, and the difficulties seem too hard and all you want is a bit of fun or a little lust of the flesh. But you don’t see it as an insidious attack to bind you down in the world of the flesh and keep you from accessing the wilderness, the place where your strength is.” end of prophecy (submitted)

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2022 The Pivotal Year

“The portal has opened, the door numbered 22 has led you into the dark of 23, and the little light that was left shining in the room of 22 will be left behind this year.”