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“You may not have realized it, but Mystical Bible has the world’s largest collection of New Wine. Yes, we know you have your own private cellar, and we do too. But Mystical Bible is not just a collection of New Wine from our own private selection. There is new wine coming in almost daily. What is private goes into our private cellar but what is good for others goes into Mystical Bible. Someone commented just the other day, “I decided to have my Word time out of Mystical Bible and I was wonderfully surprised how feeding it is. I came away feeling very full and contented.”

You shouldn’t get confused between the Words of David and Maria and what is coming in fresh now in 2023. The Words of David were New Wine in their day, and they caused a revolution. The Words of Maria were New Wine in their day, and they also caused many revolutions. The New Wine for today is doing the same as the Words of David and Maria did in their day. It may not be as “revelatory” as what was being put out by the Endtime prophet and his “pen”, but it is still enough to shake your tree. Just the fact that Jesus is saying it is New Wine for today is enough to send those Old Wine lovers running back to Mama. Now there is nothing wrong with Mama’s breasts or David’s paps, but Jesus is always changing and moving and heading out into the future. If all you drink is the old vintage, then you are really missing what’s around the corner, and in so doing, you are going to miss the moves of the Spirit for today. The Reboot was a great move of the Spirit, I’d say.  You could call it the “New Wine” that totally smashed all of our bottles. But it was also the launch pad that Jesus used to blast us into the new era of new New Wine. Now there are dozens of New Wine makers producing all sorts of tasty, fruity wine for their private collection as well as for the general public.

If you would take some time to browse down the rows of New and Old Wine racks, you will find some surprising surprises. Another comment came in the other day that kind of made us wonder. “Why are there prophecies in between the paragraphs of some of the old MO and Maria letters?” Well that is because there has been a New Wine insertion. Jesus showed us to make a cocktail. He is a bit cheeky, but it works for some. So I guess He placed a shot or two between those tasty Old Wine issues just to give you a jolt or a jiggle. And just to prove the point, here is a quote that was bottled in 2005, or perhaps it was bottled before that and was used as a shot for the New Wine being produced in 2005. Don’t be an old bottle and think that all the wine on the table has to be of one vintage. Mix it up a bit! Shake that bottle, pop the cork and watch that New Wine fizz.  


Without flexibility of spirit, you break and crack with changes, and My New Wine -the fruit of the Word in you-is lost. But if you can remain young and fresh in spirit, and be molded and moved as My hand moves, then you are strong, reliable, and ready to receive My New Wine.Art of War Part 5


 Prophecy continues:

But this is only the beginning. There are New Wine makers springing up everywhere. Jesus said it is the day of New Wine, and we believe Him. Here is a prophecy from the blog to reinforce the point and to encourage those New Wine makers to send in the Wine you’ve made.

Our Business Is Open for More Wine Makers

 Prophecy, 26th October, 2020

It’s a new day and there’s lots of New Wine waiting to be poured. It’s fresh from heaven, and why not? Anyone can get it. It’s not an exclusive club. All are invited to the Wine cellar. The Keys open the way. All you need to do is be is a New Bottle, a desirous Bride who is thirsty for My sweet intoxicating brews. Step out by faith, open your pots wide, and I will pour down tasty Wine to anyone who asks for it. Come in anticipation. Come, with your empty glass outstretched, in eager anticipation of the delights I will serve you, even the strange truths. Some are sparkly, some clear and sweet, some rich and red, and others with small creatures in them. There are all sorts to taste and savor. I will serve you exactly what you need each time you ask for more.

You need not have any fear of these fresh New Wines, as the cellar they are pouring from originates from a well-established, renowned, old Wine-making family. The mother plant was grafted from a Royal vine. This Wine-making family knew how to make top-of-the-line Wines. Although their cellar lay dormant for a few years, up-and-coming, third-generation children of this famous Wine-making family took on the business. Together with their parents, they have struck out again, producing tasty, tantalizing brews pertinent for today. You are also welcome. Our business is open for more Wine makers, and we wait in anticipation. Your brews will be much appreciated, for you were trained by this very same Wine-making family, and we need as many Wine makers as will come. There is a shortage, and your skills are very needed. Please, don’t worry if it’s been a while since you’ve used your Wine-making skills. All you need is a refresher course and you’ll be on your way to making the tastiest wines. You can even start your very own cellar. Looking forward to hearing from you. (Personal Prophecy)

Prophecy, October 27, 2020—The New Vines

(Vision): I awoke in the middle of the night and saw an old root-stock that had been cut off at ground level, but out of the different old stems had sprouted these young new vines. It was a ground-growing plant like a squash or sweet potato. The young, new, fresh vines were growing, but they didn’t grow very much before they took on the appearance of older, mature stems that were ready to flower and hold fruit. I was then told to get up and write.

(Prophecy): It is time for the New Wine; there isn’t time to stay young and fresh. The new vines must quickly establish themselves and send down their roots. Their stems must toughen up, for the time to produce fruit is here. The vine must be hardy and strong in order to withstand the rigors of fruit bearing. Open your channels and conduits, for there is much New Wine needed to feed the multitudes. Loaves and fishes are what’s needed. The young prophets must quickly become veterans. There is no time to stay young and fresh. The growing season is over; now it is time for fruit bearing. The Master is coming to harvest; a time of reaping is upon you. So send down those roots, toughen up those stems. Now is the time to flower and to be pollinated and to bear fruit. (end)

Prophecy continues: Now there is no wine taster anymore. You have to appreciate the fact that we were told by old leadership that it was time to float our faith. So that means you have to be your own wine taster. If it comes to us and we for some reason don’t put it up, don’t be dismayed. Set up your own cellar on the net or through your mailing list, and start putting out your own. The more the merrier. This world needs a flood of New Wine, don’t you think?


As David said, the most important principle for each of you to operate by is to follow God fresh every day-not going by the old, but going by today. That’s what made him unique in his day. He didn’t go by the old or by what I said yesterday, but he was alive‚ filled with the Spirit, and desperate to follow what the Spirit wanted to do now-not yesterday, not even two minutes ago. He was alive and filled with the New Wine and open and yielded to what the Holy Spirit was doing today‚ now, this moment. In tune with God step by step was how David operated, and it should be the same with you. (end of old wine quote)


Speaking of revelatory new wine 

Prophecy continues: Did you know that Jesus is coming back soon? How did you know that? Well, people have been saying that for years and years…in fact thousands of years, right? The Prophet David said it so many times that we became calloused to the idea. So calloused that in some cases, some children of David went back into the slime pit to have a taste of what the pigs were eating. Why did they do that? Why did most of us –if not all of us– do that at one point or another? It wasn’t because we didn’t believe that Jesus is coming back, at least one day –hopefully soon, but in the future some time for sure. It was because, back then, we weren’t letting that New Wine move us into motion. Here is another vintage wine excerpt to drive home this fact.


Jesus speaking: It all comes down to how you receive My New Wine-via the GNs, and via your live contact with Me moment by moment. Whether you are thirstily drinking it in and accommodating it within your spirit, or whether you are rejecting it-even in part-and aren’t able to readily receive it. It depends on whether you are moving ahead into the new ways that I am giving you, or whether you are clinging to the old ways-even old ways that once came from Me. (end)


Prophecy continues: As I was saying, Jesus is coming back soon –in fact very soon. And how do we know that? Well, He told us Himself not too long ago, and we just had to believe it. We decided a long time back that we have to make the effort to believe every Word that comes down the pipe from the grand wine maker Himself. Because if we don’t, then we become old; motion stops and we die. So it is vitally  important that we receive the New Wine, no matter how wild and fresh it is. What was so exciting about the revelation is that Jesus didn’t just tell us outright, He lead us to the conclusion through a series of dreams, prophecies and actual events. Then when we were ready for the revelation, He told us outright. “I am coming back in or around 2026.” Bang! There you go! How did that taste? People who have been following MB blogs already know this and if they have been following closely, they know how Jesus led us up to the fact. And do you know another exciting fact? There is more coming, a lot more, and it might come through you if you would just sit down and start tasting and swallowing the New Wine.   

MB: Okay, now I have some Old Wine quotes just to help confirm we are on the right track and to show you that we aren’t only about New Wine. The old is tasty too, and what I like most about the old is that it always leading or pointing us to the new. (end of prophecy)


“So don’t get so stuck with either a name, a method or a message that you can’t change from day to day with whatever God has for you that’s new, new wine, new message, new method, new way! Because if you do, you’re sunk or you’re broken, because you’ve become an old bottle!” (DO #251)

“Being flexible, moldable, and open to change is essential if you want to truly be an offensive warrior. If you let your own flesh or your own spirit hold you back, you’re in a sense “fighting God and the Devil too,” and it makes everything much more difficult. But if you are yielding and moving and changing with the Spirit, if you’re becoming more of a new bottle each day, then My power is strong in you, My New Wine is filling you up, and you have what you need for any battle the Enemy might bring against you.” (Art of War, The, Part 5 [#3578])

“Sadly, for some time the Family was becoming more and more “aged” in spirit, and your body was showing it. Your arteries were clogged with compromise, your muscles were flabby with lethargy, your blood wasn’t carrying the life-giving oxygen of the Spirit and New Wine to every area of the body, because as a body you weren’t working out, desperate to stay young and new and fresh. I kept pouring out My New Wine, but it wasn’t being processed, accepted, assimilated, implemented and lived to the extent that I intended. Formality, stagnation‚ compromise, and complacency had settled in.” (Art of War, The, Part 5 [#3578])


“Don’t let the lures of this world turn you back from My New Wine to where you become stiff, narrow-minded, and unmoving, and develop spiritual arthritis. Rather let your heart be changed, your mind be filled, and your spirit be open to Me. I will then take you, renew you, and you will be a part of My new revolution which is going to change this world.”



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