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Living the Lord’s Law of Love

Upon you, the children of David, I bestow the last great honor–the priceless privilege of giving all, of living all, of paving the way into total liberty and the realities of My Spirit. Unto you it is given to know the truths of My Kingdom. Unto you it is given to grow into full stature. Unto you it is given to grow in love, to live in love, that you may teach the world how to love.

Unto you, My precious children who know Me and love Me, who come when I call, and who beg to receive My seeds, it is given to live My Law of Love fully. Unto you it is given, as you learn to love, to usher in the Kingdom, to teach the world how to walk in love and live in love and live for love. Unto you it is given to prove that My Law of Love is holy and true, and it does not fail. It cannot fail, for on this Law of Love hangs all the law and all the prophets! (End of message from Jesus.)   (Living the Lord’s Law of Love! Part 05 #3205)                                                                                                          


For the hour approaches when I will call on all to stand up and be counted as My Endtime witnesses, emissaries of My Heavenly Realm, to prepare the way of My Kingdom on Earth. Therefore you must be well versed, well prepared and well trained in this special field of study–that of living My Law of Love. (Introducing the Law of Love Study Months! [#3199])                                                                     


(From ML #576:34,36-41.)

“There was a strange sect back in the 1200s which arose in Southern Europe. They were a lot like you and your people. They were young wandering minstrels sort of like the hippies of today. They were Christians, real believers, drop-outs from the church, and they had absolute freedom–the Cathars.

“They believed in sexual freedom just like you do, and they were sweeping across Europe. They were growing and just booming by the thousands! They were musical, they played guitars, they sang, they danced. They were just like everything I’ve heard and seen about you!

“The pope got so scared that he sent an army to slaughter them before they got any further! And they literally massacred hundreds and hundreds of them, martyred them to try to stop this new religion of love!

“Some of their prophets prophesied: ‘You’re killing us now, but we are going to come back in the Time of the End, 700 years from now! We are going to come back again and we’re going to take over the world!'” (Tongues: “Listen to the Words of thy Father David! Listen to the things that he shall tell thee, for these things are things that come of Me! What wondrous words are these!”) Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

So here we are 700 years later! Hallelujah! You see, the Lord has allowed their spirits to come back now to aid us–to do what they were doing and to carry on what they started then! God is, in this Endtime, for this last big push before the End, allowing them to come back to help us! Hallelujah! (end of excerpt)


The Cathars are guardians of love. These spiritual beings, the Cathars, work with you in these last times, as do many others. They help to guide the Salvay in coordinating and fine-tuning the counterattacks against the Selvegion. They came to Earth that they might better understand the battles and needs of men that they might be of greater help to the Salvay in these times. Just as each one who leaves the realm of the spirit to enter the realm of time and the flesh must make their choices‚ learn the things the Father ordained them to learn and gain a wealth of understanding that they could not have found otherwise, the Cathars were called to do likewise: to be humbled, to learn a deep understanding of and compassion for those they would be called to help in these last times, and to understand the weapon of brotherhood in a special way that now enables them to help you and to help guide and counsel the Salvay as they strive to employ this weapon to destroy their enemy, the evil Selvegion. Their time on Earth enabled the Cathars to become wise guardians of this powerful weapon. If you’ll listen to their whispers they’ll gladly train you in its use too.  (The Art of War Part 1 #3532)


 Giselle (Cathar spirit helper)

Just as you, the Children of David, were called and chosen, so too were we specially placed at that time and place in history and specifically anointed to carry out our Earth Mission. We were commissioned to leave our Husband’s legacy of brotherly love to show the World that it is possible to live sacrificially and lovingly take care of each other. Divinely helped, yes, but we were in earthly bodies, so we still  had to make choices, but being born into it made it very natural and normal. The rich love of freedom was instilled in us and at the same time a perfect hatred for the System of the day. We were outcasts and preferred it so. We could not accept the System status quo and never would because it was evil and against love. We were taught and trained from childhood that we were one family –one bride just like the One Wife vision that your Father David taught you. It was always the greater Family. That always came before personal marriages and relationships. There was great love, but also great understanding and awareness of each other. We were constantly doing things together instead of separately and individually. It was never about trying to cope on your own. No one was ever alone. We were created to be a sample. It was in our blood, and running through our veins. We had a contentment just to be a part of this wonderful atmosphere, this amazing community. Generally, we didn’t covet others but were content for our place in the greater family. If people had been jostling for place and position, it would not have worked. It is not quite as easy for you as you were not born into it, and even though you have been given this wonderful gift, it’s something you must work at. It’s part of your Earth mission. Your assignment is quite a bit different from ours in the fact that you must choose to live it despite your human nature. So much the greater reward to you! But the difference for you is that you do have the Word and you have the Keys and you have prophecy. These are astounding powerful aids to being able to live it. You, dears, must be shattered and tried to test your mettle. Will you still come forth standing your lives on Jesus’ Royal Commission? You have been given a great honor –to fulfill this Law that our darling Husband died to bring to you. It’s all about the putting away of childish things. You’ve been researching “maturing” growing up, becoming more who the Lord wants you to be… and that would have to be more like Him and more like how it is in His House and how He lives in His Home. He wants to bless you, darling sister. He honors you all with this mission. You will be standing; I know it. We are helping you all. Time is running, so you have some cramming classes to attend. Now it’s time to lay down your ‘self’, put away many the childish traits of selfishness, pride and extravagant entitlement, and lay down your life for others. Now you need to live it! So call on the Keys of anointing to have the love needed. 

Don’t you see? The three pieces that fit together during these Last Days to defeat the Enemy, to give you power to rise to victory and to make it through till the End are Me, the Word, and the keys. Together, we are your salvation, your anointing, and without all three you won’t make it. (What is Jesus Worth to You?)

 (Giselle continues) Selfishness is at the heart of it; this fixation with your ‘self’ and all its wants and wishes. The ‘me first’ attitude is strong and has to be subdued and flushed out of your system. The self right-ness is a great barrier that blocks freedom and the flow of the spirit of love. It creates jangled lines that are out of harmony with Jesus’ spirit and hinders the beautiful blue energy of His power descending on you and all those around you. That spirit is strong and forces inroads of havoc. You need to be bathed and covered with the Keys and have their blue energy descending on you. You need to feel their presence and have their awareness dictate and direct your every thought, your every move. Relinquish your hold on yourself; let it go sister! Be still; be quiet. Let the control of self loosen and fly away with the wind as the chaff that it is. Be left with the heart, the grain of wheat that falls into the ground and dies to bring forth life!

MAT.16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

That verse is telling you, sweet sister, that right now whatever you let go of, when you pray for release from self and your unloving ways–all the unwanted earthy characteristics you do not desire according to His Word– when you bind them through the power of the Keys, they will be bound in Heaven. Then when you reach here you’ll have those lessons tucked under your belt, at least your desire for it to be so will be counted unto you as righteousness. And the love you ‘loosen’ now on your Earth mission will be the song that surrounds you here in Heaven. The beauty of your song, your vibes, will tell what you gave up to live for Jesus, to live His wonderful Law of Love. It will be loosened here! You will shine and pulsate with however much love you loosened there; and all because of the Keys of the Kingdom. That’s why it’s so important to never let them go but keep them hot in your hand from use. You yourself just cannot do it, but if you submit to using the Keys and being totally reliant on them, then everything is possible. Relinquish the ‘you’ that wants to be so forceful, so making sure you get what you think is your due. You don’t deserve anything. Shocking isn’t it, if you truly take that to heart and mull on it! Everything you have is from your Father above. You didn’t do a thing. All you must do is surrender and lay yourself at His feet and give your all to Him. Then become the diamond of dust; the unseen that He is calling all of us to be. Just to be empty to be His vessel to use as He wishes. So lay it all down, sister. It’s a mindset you have to adopt and live by. It’s called the Law of Love. It is love. And it comes from Jesus. So be still and know Him; go deeper than ever before. Know Him now while you have time left to know. You are not important, so let self die and live only for your dear Husband and Lover and do His bidding. Be His love for others and have no will of your own. Let the blue mist of the Keys descend on you to soften you, moisturize you, change you. Be filled with His spirit; enhance the Key of the Law of Love, the key of selflessness and the Key of transparency. Fade awaaaaay, sister. Let the spirit of the Cathars shine in you in these days of the Endtime. (End of prophecy)


“This is the heritage & the faith of the Saints. In this World ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the World!  For I look not on the World as a thing of good, but a thing of naught. The Lord your God seeth not as Man seeth, & My ways are much above theirs. In this World ye shall suffer tribulation, but in the World to Come ye shall know great joy! In this World ye shall be slaughtered, but in the World to Come ye shall know everlasting life! In this World ye shall be maligned, but in the World to Come ye shall be greatly rewarded!”


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