Law of Love Handbook


(Jesus speaking:) I set before each of My children an open door. Each generation, each great movement of My Spirit has come closer and closer, a step at a time–some more quickly and others at a slower pace. With each movement, each generation, new steps have been taken towards greater love, greater freedom, greater awareness, and greater obedience to My Law of Love.

Upon you, the children of David, I bestow the last great honor–the priceless privilege of giving all, of living all, of paving the way into total liberty and the realities of My Spirit. Unto you it is given to know the truths of My Kingdom. Unto you it is given to grow into full stature. Unto you it is given to grow in love, to live in love, that you may teach the world how to love. Unto you, My precious children who know Me and love Me, who come when I call, and who beg to receive My seeds, it is given to live My Law of Love fully. Unto you it is given, as you learn to love, to usher in the Kingdom, to teach the world how to walk in love and live in love and live for love. Unto you it is given to prove that My Law of Love is holy and true, and it does not fail. It cannot fail, for on this Law of Love hangs all the law and all the prophets! 

One of the foundation principles that I’ve given to the children of David through their father is the Law of Love. This is a unique and precious treasure that few understand, and even fewer have ever tried to live.

Behold the beautiful treasure that I have given unto the children of David: treasure and riches that have never been known, this treasure of the Law of Love! Such freedom and such love the world has never known! Such beauty in My eyes–this Law of Love! I would that you would glory in this Law of Love, that you would be proud of this Law of Love, that you would not only speak of it, but that you would practice it and live it and enjoy it to the full! For this Law of Love is the very essence of the freedom of My Spirit, and the abundance of My Love that I have given to the children of David–such beauty and such love and such freedom, such as the world has never seen! 

So very, very few Christians understand, believe, and are willing to accept to live My Law of Love fully. That’s because people today, even many of My Own children, have made a god out of their own bodies. Many have set sex and marriage even above Me. They’re self-righteous, thinking they know better, and they’ve withheld from Me these things which are precious to them. They’ve set these things apart; they’ve not allowed Me to touch them. They’ve not been willing to share them or set them on the altar of sacrifice.

Many of My Christian children in the world have given Me their hearts in part, their lives in part, their service in part, their testimony in part. But so very few have been willing to give Me everything–even their marriages, their bodies, and their sexual practices. They’re so foolish, so weak and immature. Just like little children, they have so little faith, and so they keep these things to themselves. But the children of David are strong in truth. Much has been given to them that has not been given to any others. (End of message from Jesus.) (Living the Lord’s Law of Love Part 5)

“The message of the Law of Love is one of the things that has set the children of David apart from others who believe in Me, and even serve Me, preach the Gospel, hear from Me in prophecy, exercise the gift of healing, and believe in the nearness of the Endtime.”


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