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“You can know the full, unvarnished truth because you have the keys. They reveal the secrets of the universe and without them and their power you can’t really know the whole truth. The negatives in the world are ever so many. They tend to latch onto you without you realizing, and without the keys’ positive balance to wash it away, you can pick up a lot of nonsense. It is dangerous to be My child in this world without being aware of the intense spiritual warfare. So many of My children, unawares, have believed some lie. Those who aren’t aware of the keys I do try to protect, but often they walk around a bit oblivious of the spiritual warfare.

There are those who do try to fight for Me, and I bless and protect them, but very often they have taken in some lie and don’t know the whole truth. So My loves, see and know that you can see things as they are because you have the keys. You have the opportunity to be whole truthers and that means you are of immense value to Me in turning this world around back to the Light.”

“As I said to you, it depends how much you desire to avail yourself of this power. Yes, I have given it to all the Children of David, but look at where some of them are now.  You can “have” this power but still be not going on as you should be. It is given to you, but where will you go with it? The difficulties will continue to increase in this world, but those who have really grabbed ahold of the keys will not see it in this way. They will see it as the necessary training and will meet it with desperation and will not be troubled or distressed by the increasing difficulty. I will up the requirements to remain My disciple. As the End draws even closer, this will happen in the world drastically. Just to remain a Christian will require a great deal of conviction. But it will begin here, in your lives, and if you don’t take hold of Me in earnest and really desire to move forward, you will see the greater battles as something unfair and too hard. You must cleave unto Me today, prove Me today, prove the keys today. Be those special ones and prove My Word to be true.”

“One reason the keys were created was to restore everything to its true and proper state. They begin by leading you, My children, through the Endtime, through the Great Tribulation‚ and through the tests to come, into My Heavenly Kingdom, and back to the perfection of the world as it will be in the days to come.”

“The keys of revolution give you the power to root out, pull down, and destroy the works of darkness in this land.”



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