We Are Responsible to Keep the Keys Active



The Keys In Prophecy…Jesus speaking:

“Through the power of the keys, I have given you, My brides, the means to dominate all forces at work in My spiritual realm, according to My will. This is My power, and the power is always on, but all those who have access to My power must do their part to tap into the power and keep it flowing out to fulfill its purpose. I do My part to keep the power in motion‚ My spirit helpers do their part, and you must do your part to keep the dynamics of the spiritual realm moving forward. You must keep the keys active at all times.”

As Key Bearers

“You are part of the team responsible to keep the forces of the spiritual realm in motion, active, changing, and progressing at all times.”

” Do not be tempted to think this is too great a responsibility, My loves‚ for the end result is far beyond what you can conceive with mortal minds. I knew what I was doing when I entrusted you with the power of the keys. I am counting on you. By right of possessing the keys of the Kingdom, you actively join forces with Me; you become part of My heavenly task force. I have called you friends and lovers, and also comrades in arms. This is our quest, to free those held in bondage by the dark forces, and I trust you to do your part to this end.”

” David taught you that prayer is powerful; that when you pray, things will happen and things will be different. So it is when you activate the keys, things happen, things change, things are different. When you call on the keys for one purpose, things shift and change not only for the one person or situation you prayed for, but many other things are also influenced for good as a result of your activating the power of the keys.”

“Things in the spiritual realm interact, so when the keys take action, it always has a ripple effect and works to fulfill My purpose. When you wield the weapons of praise, prayer, and the keys, the forces of the spirit world are set in motion. When you call on the keys and use them in conjunction with My will, a chain reaction kicks in.” (Prayer Primers #3567) 

You hold the most powerful force in all existence in your hands.

 “This force is not meant to be still; you must keep it active. There is no standing still in this war. You are either going forward or backward. If you don’t use the keys as I have ordained them to be used, then you can lose ground. There is stagnation and regression, both in the spiritual realm and in the physical.”                                        

“The keys of wisdom and insight are spiritual eyeglasses that will improve your vision and help you to see things in radical, fresh new ways.”                                         




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