Keys Keys Keys



“There are many keys to many doors, but the first is the Key of Humility, empowered by the Blue Key, because unless you see the insufficiency and the helplessness of self, you will not go looking for more. Unless the Keys of Humility unveil your eyes…you will think you know quite a bit and will lack the desperation to search and search for more. Your scales of pride have to be removed, or you will think you are pretty smart and will be content to stay at the level you are. But to keep climbing, you must be open to the dying of self. Yes, the higher you get, the more of self you will have to leave behind, but that is positive and very good, right? Some cannot go further and desire not to leave all of self, but this is the highest calling. With it comes great sacrifice, laying down of self to where you no longer live, but Christ that lives in you —transparency. So ask for death to self. Ask us to bring you very low so that when it’s time to raise you up, you will be propelled much higher into the realm of the Spirit, –that is, until it’s time for another dying and laying down and crushing. To gain us you must give all, and to win Christ there must be humility and utter desperation. Seek always to be little and desperate, and hang about your neck the Key of Humility. There’s much more to come, little one. Stay hungry for us and stay empty for us and we will come to you!”

“The more you use the keys, the less hold pride will have on your life and spirit, for in calling on the keys you acknowledge your own weakness. The keys embody humility and conquer pride.”




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