It is tough because you are climbing up

Jesus speaking: Can I talk to you for a bit?

I can see each thing that is hard, and it’s meant to be so, you know? Or it wouldn’t be a class, a lesson, a course you are taking. It’s not meant to be a vacation or something like that. The world was obsessed with “vacations” and the slave driver made sure of this by making work so totally hard and mundane or strenuous or whatever. But now that the plug is pulled on both—work and pleasure, pretty much worldwide, people hardly know what to do with themselves.

Their lives have been driven, nearly with a whip, to get educated so they can work and earn a living, and have some frills along the way like a car, house, and time away from thinking. But the apple cart is all upset, yet they are hardwired to still want/need those things. So that is why they are putty in the hands of the world’s system.

You, however have been raised in a totally different environment—mountain men. Now the valley creatures don’t want people to know about the mountains out of the pit that can be climbed, and much less that there are others who know the ropes and can scale them, people who could teach them the way out of the pit and into the sunshine of God’s light and truth.

So if things seem hard, be glad that it’s because you are climbing up! It’s because you are a mountaineer. Things could be hard because you are in a slimy pit trying to climb up the slippery sides but keep falling down again, and your fall is helping to dig the pit yet deeper.

Be glad that your struggles are a sign that you are heading closer to the light, up to the fresher air. And you are getting stronger from the climb too.

No one is having a la-la life right now, and neither should you expect to have breezy days. But you can be glad that for all your effort is doing you and others some good, and there is a reward for your effort, something really good that I can’t wait to surprise you with!

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“So if things seem hard, be glad that it’s because you are climbing up! It’s because you are a mountaineer.”



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