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“Nearly all of the promises God gives for individuals are conditional. This is because of the majesty of choice. But many people just can’t seem to grasp this basic principle. When promises are given, people are often quick to forget the conditions, or to neglect to fulfill the conditions. Or when things don’t turn out as God said they would, instead of looking for the reasons why, or instead of searching and asking Him what conditions were not fulfilled, or what choices were made that changed His will, the blame is automatically placed on Him for having not fulfilled His Word.”

“It boils down to a belief in the freedom of choice. It also comes down to believing that there are usually requirements in order for God’s promises to be fulfilled. His promises don’t work for everyone if the right steps are not taken.”

“It’s all about choice. If you want the Lord’s full protection, you choose that protection through your choices. You choose to obey and do what He asks of you, to fulfill the conditions, so that you are afforded His full protection.”

“I allow choice. I give room for each person to make their own decisions. If I did not, I would not be a God of love; I would be a dictatorial God Who forced My will on My children. This is not how I work. This is not the way life on Earth is. I am a God Who wants obedience out of love, yieldedness as a result of free choice. I desire freewill offerings, not forced servitude. Thus all of My promises are conditional, according to the choices of men and women.” (Prophecy)


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“And then there’s the whole issue of majesty of choice. Mankind have the power to make the wrong decisions, despite God’s will and God’s plan. And that’s not to even mention the Devil, who is always trying to defeat His plans.”

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