Not My Will


  1. (Jesus speaking:) The archenemy of Obstacon is the Word. It is his defeat, his nemesis. He fights it, but he knows that he is no match for it. When one of My children is determined to persevere in their Word-time habits and absorbing and applying the Word, Obstacon is hopelessly defeated. It is good for you to be aware of him and his influence and to fight him; that is very important. But what is most important is your perseverance and determination to get your Word time and to live it no matter what, because that is what calls his bluff, that is what will defeat him.
  2. In claiming the power of the keys to defeat Obstacon, you must wield them through your obedience to My Word. That is a condition to their use. Obstacon must bow to the power of the keys, and you must claim them against him, but in addition to that, you must immediately obey and follow through on what I show you, or else he will return and continue to block your way and distract or deter you. Without your obedience, he continues to do his evil work.
  3. So the greatest thing you can do if you wish to defeat him is to call on the keys for strength to obey and persevere. Claim the keys against distractions and claim them against Obstacon, and then proceed with determined obedience–read, absorb, and live My Words. As you fight to do that, you are fighting Obstacon, and he is defeated through your obedience. He will try to dissuade you, distract you, and deter you, but as you persevere and obey, he meets sure defeat. (End of message from Jesus.)
  1. (Jesus speaking:) Because Obstacon is directly linked with your obedience, the spirit helpers who fight him will be those who help you to obey in whatever area he is trying to block you. So a key to having the help you need is to find out in which areas he’s hindering you, and then seek Me as to who I’ve assigned to help you in those areas. They are the ones you can call on for help, and they will fight against him on your behalf, and will also help you as you press forward to obey despite the obstacles he places in your way. (End of message from Jesus.)

Make a Choice!

  1. (Jesus speaking:) I need you to be possessed of Me as never before–not just your hands as you do My work, but your heart and spirit as My disciple and lover, which is the heart and soul of the matter. I need you to lay aside everything else in favor of Me and My Word, in favor of being fully possessed by Me and My Word as never before.
  2. Now is the time to again consecrate and rededicate yourself to Me as My disciple and lover of My Words above all. This means you must live and be as one with these messages and all they mean and how they will impact your life from this time forth. You must begin right now to live all that these messages are saying.
  3. You must rededicate yourself in entirety to Me and My Word. Use every available moment and opportunity to bathe yourself in My Word. You must lay all else on the altar, which means all the concerns of your heart over your friends and what the future might mean for you. It means laying aside some of your free-time activities at night in favor of spending that extra time in infilling with Me and My Word.
  4. Without consecrating yourself anew in this way to My Word, you will not be able to access the full power of the keys. This is the essence of My message to you. You must give yourself to My Word in this way in order to access the full power of the keys! You must live these messages, you must love these messages and all that they are saying with all of your heart, soul, and mind, which means putting into practice instantly what it means to love Me and My Word above all, even when it looks like all else that this world holds dear to you is slipping away from you. This is what these messages mean for all My children. It is a great and sweeping call to leave all behind except Me and the surety of My Word.
  5. My darling, this is a very special time for you and Me–a time when I and My helpers will possess you and your heart and spirit as never before.
  6. At the cry of your heart and spirit, I have created special keys promises designed especially for you, My love. You will need these promises to keep your heart fixed and focused on Me and My Word–on the gravity and repercussions of these messages upon you and the COD at large.
  7. In the coming days you will see a great falling away of anything that is not grounded and firmly established upon My living Word. My Word is the great discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and as such, will rightly divide that which is firmly grounded in Me and that which is based on the shifting sands of all that falls outside the circumference of My unfailing Word. You will see a great falling away of other plans and projects and even people who are not steadfastly grounded in My Word. You will see a swelling of the chaff and all that is laid naked before Me and found wanting.
  8. So claim the keys of all-knowing love, of seeing beyond the natural and all that surrounds you, of basing your life on My Word and My promises, even it if touches your own heart and requires you to make certain sacrifices in order to live it. Claim the power of the keys of keeping your heart and mind fixed upon Me and My Word above all, your feelings subservient, and your spirit and heart transcending all that this Earth possesses.
  9. I know that you love My Word above all, My love. I have no doubt in this regard. I know that it has kept you through thick and thin these many years. It, as part of My divine nature and trinity, has been a faithful, true and loyal Husband to you when all else has failed, forsaken and disappointed you. And so I have created and designed some keys promises just for you, even though you look at yourself and feel so incapable, so unworthy, so deficient in yourself. (Seek Me further after this message and I shall relay these keys promises to you, so that you can come to battle well-armed and fully prepared, your weaponry of key power at your side.)
  10. It is of Me that you have been feeling the need to step back from anything and everything else that would keep you from being solely consecrated and dedicated to Me. You need to be solely Mine and give yourself to My Word, that I might possess your mind, your heart, your spirit. For there has not been any other time in the history of My children of David when the dire consequences of these messages have been so great. I am very clearly, precisely, and strategically addressing the fundamental foundation of your faith–My Word. I am addressing the foundation of the COD–My living Word and all that I have given through My David and Maria. The consequences of not receiving or lazily dismissing these messages are very, very great. There will be no turning back after this delivery. From this point on, depending on each one’s choice, the die will be cast for each of My children.
  11. So to you and all My children, I say, prepare. Prepare to meet the incredible and dynamic fruit, or the pitiful fallout. As I have said, the Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and this challenge will bring division in the ranks.
  12. Each individual is being put to the test. Each one will make a choice. Many will choose the house of David–the house of My living Words and the Spirit; some will choose the House of Saul–the house of the former, the old, the arm of the flesh, the house of self and all that would oppose and stand in the way of My Words entering, deeply penetrating, motivating and possessing the heart and spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

Prophecy: “This is the End, My Warrior Band. The last days are upon you. The last three years are upon the world, and I have revealed this secret unto you, as I promised My David I would. It is almost finished, and I say that the final promises are lining up in order to be fulfilled in their time. These are My Words. You can believe them or reject them; it is your choice. I have given every man the majesty to choose. Those that receive these Words will go on to do great and mighty exploits in the name and power of the Keys of the Kingdom. To these I say listen, listen to the small voice of My Word in your heart, for again it is as I promised, that it will not be in the fire, storm or earthquake that you will be forewarned of upcoming world events, but it will be through My still small voice that you hear in the depth of your heart. For it is in your heart that I dwell, deep within the River of Life that flows in and through the depth of your soul. So go there now and stay there, out of the sway of the spoiler and all that he will bring upon the earth in these last hours.” (end of prophecy)


You are weak in faith because you are weak in My Word, the Words of David. It is a stretch, but it is not too late to reach for this goal. The days ahead will be dark indeed. I have already given those of My Warrior Band hints of what is just ahead. I am not talking years; I am saying now that these days are upon thee. Do not despise these Words for they are My New Wine for today, for the days ahead, for the very next step.


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